Best tips for choosing best water filter/purifier

The need for drinking pure and safe drinking water is paramount. With the rise in population, pollution and whatnot, the basic need of life i.e. water, must be fulfilled with utmost honesty to minimize the havoc laid down by water-borne diseases. With the advent of latest RO, UF, UV, mineralizer etc, technologies, this need is being satisfied with the best. A lot of promising brands have come up with purifiers that provide up to 99.9% clean and pure drinking water. Going through hours of research, we have conjugated a list of some of the best water purifiers in India to help you select nothing but the best!




Water Purifiers – Providing Goodness in Every Drop

Looking for the best water purifier online at the best price?
What is the perfect way to narrow down your choice in water purifiers?
Let’s uncover!
Water is counted amongst the most important resources required for sustaining human life. Every human body should consume at least 3 liters of water every day. With the advancement of industrial and urban sectors, the amount of pollution in the atmosphere is also degrading the quality of water resources.
Thanks to the innovations of science and technology – which has improved the quality of the water you consume every day. We cannot rely on the tap water that comes into our houses. To avoid the intake of harmful bacteria floating in the water, we something to improve water quality. There come water purifiers into the action! We have put together some important information for you to choose best water purifier in India.

RO or UV or UF Purifier? Know the Difference!

Invariably, more and more homeowners are opting for the best water purifiers for home use. They not only protect our families from toxic diseases not also contribute to their good health. Providing the simplest way to have clean and pure drinking water, water purifiers come in an array of choices. Select the best water filter, which is designed in high-end technology like UF, RO, and UV. They are not only easy to operate but also effectively filter out the harmful bacteria from the drinking water.
Let’s unfold the real difference between RO and UV and UF water purifiers?
●       The best RO water purifiers and UV purifiers function on the electricity. UF water purifiers do not need electricity to work.
●       The best RO water purifiers come with the pre-filtration system to work on the water with impurities. UV water purifiers need clear water and UF purifiers can easily work with dirty turbid water.
●       RO water purifiers can easily eliminate the dissolved salts. UV and UF purifiers can’t do the same.
●       RO and UF water purifiers can kill and remove all bacteria from the water. UV based purifiers can eliminate bacteria while leaving their bead bodies to reside in the water.
●       UV and UF purifiers can function with normal tap water pressure whereas RO water purifiers need a power supply to boost the normal tap water pressure.
If you want to choose the best water purifier in India for home, then browsing some review providing platforms can make your shopping process a lot easier and timesaving. Some of them provide the best water purifier reviews that are written by experts. Additionally, they will also help you find fairly affordable UF or UV or RO water purifiers offered by popular brands.

Extra-Protection for your Family

Everyone is concerned with their family’s health. By getting provide relevant details about the top water purifiers in India, you can contribute to maintaining the wellness of your family. Additionally, you can also look for the advantages and disadvantages of using all types of water purifiers for home. Each water filter has its unique specifications. Understand all the features and specification embraced by a water purifier. Choose the best water purifier to make your family stay healthy and happy every day.

Are UF water purifiers the better option?

UF or Ultrafiltration technology undoubtedly does not need any electricity to work. UF membranes present in UF water purifiers feature big pores than filters used in RO water purifiers. UF purifiers are effective in removing bacteria, germs, and other toxic particles although they are hopeless in killing TDS. If you are looking topwater purifiers in India requiring less maintenance cost, then UF water purifiers are a good option to consider. They come with durable filters and they do not use UV radiation to take care of water impurities. 

Final Words

Many of the best water purifier brands are WhirlpoolEureka Forbes, Kent, and Hindware. You can easily find the best water purifiers under 10000/5000 and water filters under 20000 while visiting their local stores or websites. Based on your family needs, choose the most suitable water purifier equipped with the right filtration technology and price. Stay Healthy! Stay Happy!

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