Top Four Lighting Tips for Recessed Spots

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Recessed spots are a great comeback. It is an obstructive and an ideal choice for accent lighting or base lighting. Still, the precise placement of a recessed spot needs a forethought. You must give extra attention to factors like light color, directionality, and IP rating. Only then you would be satisfied with a 100% outcome. In this blog, we have covered some of the essential tips that can help you to enhance your lifestyle with the recessed spots.

Tip no.1: Recessed spots in the slabs that are precast and hollow-care

If you are planning to install LED recessed spots in your solid ceiling. For instance, precast slabs and hollow-core, in this scenario it is important to check the diameter, distance, position of the spots, etc. this information is quite crucial because it will only help with drilling without causing any problems.

Tip no.2: Width

The width of the beam from the recessed spots may vary greatly. Most models do have a diameter of 60, 48, 36,24,10, or 8 degrees. For instance, a recessed spot with an 8-degree beam is more focussed means smaller than the 60-degree model.

Thus, the diameter of the recessed spot should be chosen as per the application. For instance, a fixed recessed spotlight over the kitchen island should have a fair wide-angle of opening. If you are planning to accentuate the artwork using recessed spots that are adjustable. It is always best to select the smaller beam.

Tip no.3: Connection

Earlier, you had to make the choice between 230V or 12V halogen spots. The benefit of using 12V was that the output of light was twice and as good as lifespan and consumption. However, you must have a transformer for the operations.

Nowadays, LEDs are stealing the limelight. You may notice barely any difference between 230V and 12V LED. If you are planning for better quality lights from LED spots, you may use an extra supply of power for the LEDs. This supply will provide you with high-quality lights.

Tip no.4: Position

For better results, you must think twice before positioning the recessed spots. You must understand that adjusting the positions would not help you, neither it would be an easy task.

We can calculate this as the number of the recessed spotlight that can be determined with the amount of light that is needed. This can be calculated with the help of Lumens. If you are planning to illuminate the room evenly, you must follow all the guidelines of 300 Lumens and 200 Lumens for every square meter for the kitchen and bedroom. You must also make sure to check the output of the light and open the chosen spots. This step will help you to figure out the best of distances.

Wrapping it up!!

To conclude, it is always better to spot the space where the light is required. If you are confused about how to set the led spots, then hire professionals. They will provide you with relevant solutions as per your requirements. It's better to contact customer service from which you have purchased led products. They are professionals in their field. They will provide you proper guidance and you easily set your led spots.

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