Best tips-How to choose your best type of water filter

With the advent of the latest RO, UF, UV, mineralizer etc, technologies, this need is being satisfied to the best. A lot of promising brands have come up with purifiers that provide up to 99.9% clean and pure drinking water.

Drinking water can contain several contaminations like chemicals, minerals, and dust particles. These impurities can make the water taste and smell extremely bad. To sustain a healthy life, it is very important to exclude these endangering elements from the drinking water. Unfortunately, microscopic bacteria and toxic chemicals cannot be killed by manual methods. Thanks to the best water purifiers that help in filtering water and make it suitable for drinking. But before bringing the best water purifier for home, you must know everything about them.

In this discussion, we will be sharing everything you should know about all types of water purifiers available in India. 

Let’s get started.

Water purifiers are divided into 5 types based on their water purification mechanisms

1.    Reverse Osmosis (RO)


RO water purifiers are quite beneficial for removing solids and chemicals from hard and saltwater. Moreover, they are considered as the most effective water purifiers to eliminate metal particles from the drinking water, like lead, chlorine, nitrates, arsenic, fluoride, and sulfates. Buying the best RO water purifier can ensure safe drinking for you and your family.

Reverse Osmosis Water Purifiers feature a semi-permeable RO membrane to remove the impurities. To pass through this membrane, this water purifier uses the water pump to make raw water pass through the membrane. The entire solid gets trapped in the membrane and we get pure water. You can easily find the best RO water purifiers brands in India that are manufactured by popular companies. 

2.    Ultrafiltration (UF)


UF water purifiers use hollow membranes to trap impurities present in the water. They can operate without electricity and capable of removing germs or mold from the water. These types of water purifiers are counted amongst the top 10 best water filters in India. UF water purifiers also ensure no bacteria/virus dead bodies remain in the water after the purification process. Unlike RO UV water purifiers, these water purifiers have a long life span. 

3.    Ultraviolet (UV)


The best part about these water purifiers is that they require low maintenance costs and offer a high water purification rate. Unlike others, UV water purifiers can easily purify 2 to 4 liters of water within one minute. If you are looking for the best water purifier with low energy consumption, then UV water purifiers are a good option for you. They require less manual cleaning and do not change the taste of water.

Ultraviolet water purifiers can kill water-borne diseases that can cause viruses, bacteria, and cysts in the drinking water. These purifiers use a UV lamp tube, enabling water to expose to UV light making each bacteria or virus killed. However, this water purifier does not remove dead bodies of bacteria in water as they are not harmful.

4.    Sediment Filters


These types of filters can remove mud and dust particles from the water. They can also remove water pollutants that are visible at the pre-filtration stage and may enter other purification systems. These filters are used in the best RO+UV water purifiers to ensure their durability and hassle-free functioning. If you want to buy a water filter for home, make sure it is equipped with filters like activated carbon and sediment. 

5.    Activated Carbon


Activated carbon is normally made from charcoal and is effective in removing water-borne diseases that can cause heavy metals and pesticides in the water. They kill impure substances that make water smell and taste bad. Activated carbon can helps to improve the functioning of the RO membrane by trapped chlorine or other toxic particles. However, they are ineffective on the hard water. So if you are looking for the best water filter for home, then activated carbon is not recommended.

Final Words

The smartest way to pick the best water purifier for home is to understand everything about it clearly. For instance, types of water purifiers can help you decide which water purifier is best for you and your family. This blog will help you understand the benefits of using each type of water purifier available in India. We hope you will manage shopping for the best water purifier for home. Have a happy shopping!

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