Juicer machine- know everything about all types of best juicer machine

If you’re big on using fast juicers that usually get hot after extracting the juice, then you can opt for slow juicers or cold press juicers. Slow juicer makers work on the pressing mechanism, has no blades and produce no infuriating sound. And you are quite busy with your routine tasks, then considering fast juicers can surely be your thing.

You must have heard about a famous saying – “Health is wealth”. From the technological advancement of vehicles to industries, many other factors that are distressing our body. To ensure an enthusiastic lifestyle, the intake of nutritious fruits and vegetables has become extremely important. Invariably, more and more people believe that juicing is the easiest way to squeeze the nutrients out of fresh fruits and vegetables. If juices are on your priority list too, then you must need the best electric fruit-juicer.

Choosing the best juicer maker is undoubtedly a daunting task especially when there is a never-ending range of products and brands available in the market. If you are looking for the best fruit juicer manufactured by a trusted brand, we are here with some authentic information that can help you buy the best juicer available in India.




Regularly visiting the market to purchase juice or drinking packaged juices could be harmful to your health. Also, you do not get value for your money. Many times juice could be adulterated or you could be served stale juice which could make you sick. Packaged juice is also a mixture of various chemicals. So, in order to get freshly prepared juice, you have to make the juice on your own using a juicer. Consequently, you need to have a juicer at your home. What will be the best juicer machine for you or what type of juicers exists in the market should be your primary concern.


Let us discuss the most important things you need to know before buying a new juicer best juice maker for your home.



There are three types of juicers:


  • ·        Centrifugal Juicer
  • ·        Masticating Juicer
  • ·        Twin Gear Juicer



Centrifugal Juicers


These types of juicers are counted among the best selling electric juicers available in the market. The most advantageous part of this kind of juicer is that it is extremely fast. The juicer is not only fast but also among the best juicer easy to clean.

Since the machine works on the principle of centrifugal force, you can extract all the juice and spinning motion helps in separating the pulp and the juice.


You do not need to chop the fruits and vegetables to extract out the juice. Just dump the fruit one by one and squeeze it to the bottom. These types of juicers could are the best fruit juicer for your home.


Masticating Juicers


These juicers are slow and therefore aka slow juicers. As the name suggests they have a speed of only 80 to 100 rpm. They work best with the green leafy vegetables and come under the category of best-selling vegetable juicers.


·        They also have a high yield of juice.


·        They do not oxidize the vegetables and hence the juice stays fresh for a longer period.

·        These juicers consume more time as the feed chute is small so they need smaller junks of vegetables.


·        As the machine is large and bulky so need more counter space.


Twin Gear Juicer


These juicers use two augers that are fitted in an interlocking manner. They are suitable for both fruit and leafy vegetables. It keeps all the nutrients of juice which yields better quality.


·        These juicers retain the freshness of juice due to a lack of oxidation.

·        It does not produce much sound and works quietly.

·        Are more complicated to clean as it involves complex assembling.

·        These juicers are one among the best cold press juicer in the industry.




The type of juicer you want to buy will definitely depend upon your needs and habits. So, you can judge from the above points and select among the best selling fruit and vegetable juicers. You can find most of the best juicer in India by going through our other rb_blog where we have described best juicer machine according to your needs and lifestyle.

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