Do You Know What is Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime?

Did you know that aside from FBA and MFN/FBM, you might even go for Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime (also called Amazon SFP) as your satisfaction option? To put it differently, Amazon SFP lets vendor pop the Prime badge on the listings they are in fact fulfilling from their facilities.


But Amazon SFP should follow the stringent shipping standards and prerequisites of Amazon Prime. But how can you say it is a great option for you and your products? This guide will tell you all you need to about Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime.

A brief record of Amazon SFP

To provide you with an overview, Seller Fulfilled Prime program was introduced to the world last 2015. This program gave permission to eligible sellers which have Professional Selling accounts to reveal their Christmas badge, specifically on requests fulfilled either through third-party logistics suppliers or their own warehouses.

Once sellers engaged in Seller Fulfilled Prime, they do not depend heavily on FBA simply to avail the Prime status. More importantly, shifting to SFP can significantly help your listings whether you're utilizing FBM/MFN, FBA or even both.

The eligibility for Seller Fulfilled Prime status

In some ways, Seller Fulfilled Prime has a great effect on raising earnings. The thing here is, not every vendor is qualified for this status. It's only exclusive for those who were able to pass the trial period of satisfying Prime orders prior to obtaining the emblem.

First of all, you have to have a professional account to qualify for the Premium Shipping of Amazon. To maintain you worthy of Seller Fulfilled Prime, you need to always be matched for the app.

  • More than 1.5 percent of cancellation rate for Premium Shipping orders
  • A minimum of 92 percent of on-time delivery fee for Premium Shipping orders
  • A minimum of 94 percent of the Premium Shipping orders using one valid monitoring ID

Advantages of Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime

This is why You Have to contemplate Amazon SFP:

  • Get rid FBA handling and transport charges
  • Keep away from long-term FBA stock storage price
  • Cease split FBA shipments because of Distributed Inventory Placement
  • Have access to the huge number of associates to increase revenue
  • Get control above a refund and return the collection
  • Generate more profits on bulky and heavy products
  • Sell products which Aren't qualified for FBA
  • The drawback of Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime

While SFP can beneficial for vendors who have particular products and own infrastructure, but you should know that it requires you to keep eligibility to be in the program. Aside from that, SFP has no other cons as soon as you understand how to use it successfully.


Enroll now in Seller Prime through the trial. It will permit you to fulfill 200 Prime requests. The moment you are done using the trial, automatically you will be registered in the program. To lessen your burden, use tools such as Amazon's FBA Revenue Calculator. This tool can help you in comparing the fees of FBA to your fulfillment expenses. That's the only time you are able to say if Seller Fulfilled Prime is great for you or not.


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