Samsung Galaxy Buds Live

Everything you Need to Know About Samsung Galaxy Buds Live

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live is a true wireless earbuds.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live another gem in Galaxy wearable family from its Galaxy Buds lineage with a unique bean design, active noise-cancelation, and an open-ear fit. This means that these earbuds don't seal the ear something that is missing even in Apple's AirPods. Here are some of the best features of Samsung Galaxy Buds Live that enable them to deliver top-notch performance and Samsung Buds best buy option for anyone looking for earbuds.

Samsung Galaxy Buds +

Noise-cancellation and BT technology

Samsung set the frequencies of the Galaxy Buds Live below 700Hz and claims that its open active noise-cancellation technology is the best. The earbuds allow the ambient passthrough of sound and Samsung's reason for the same is the open fit of the earbuds allows the noise in and making a software pass-through redundant. This only raises more doubts about the noise-cancellation policy. The Galaxy Buds Live uses Bluetooth 5.0 firmware and Bluetooth codecs: SBC, AAC, and the Samsung scalable codec. Bluetooth codecs are restrictive and balance streaming and quality of the connection to give listeners the smoothest music experience without sacrificing the audio quality. The older Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus performed well with Bluetooth codecs and the same can be expected from the Galaxy Buds Live.

Advanced microphone

From its predecessors, the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live uses an advanced microphone system. Similar to its predecessor, Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus, Buds Live relies on the same triple-microphone format, two of which are beamforming. These three microphones are assisted by a voice pickup unit (VPU) an accelerometer that detects the movement of the jawbone and converts these vibrations into audio signals using bone conduction technology. A VPU also helps in reducing the background noise and provides better performance to users.

Improved battery life

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Live can easily last six hours on a single charge with ANC enabled which is impressive if you are planning to use the same for calling purposes. Besides, the case is capable of providing an extra 2.5 battery cycles. This means that on an all you can get 21 hours with ANC before charging the case once again. However, with active noise cancellation off entirely, a user can easily get eight hours standalone and a total of 29 hours of playtime.

One of the best features of the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live is that it supports fast charging. Five minutes in the case of charging allows a user to use it for one hour of listening. This feature comes in handy when you reach the gym or need to take an important client call only to realize the buds are out of juice. The earbud case can be charged using multiple options such as USB-C, Qi wireless charger, or atop a Samsung Wireless PowerShare-supported device.


Earbuds fit, design, and sensors

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live earbuds weigh 5.6 grams and are available in a standard single size. Samsung does provide two pairs of wingtips - small and large to keep earbuds in place to provide an optimal fit. A user can control the playback, volume, call management, and even created custom settings from the exterior plate of each earbud is touch-capacitive and enables a slew of onboard control mentioned above. Both earbuds have a microphone hole and a bass duct to deliver the best calling and music experience to users. The interior side of the earbuds has two charging contacts, a spot for wingtip installation, a VPU unit, an air vent, a speaker hole, and an infrared sensor.

Sound quality

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Live comes with 12mm dynamic drivers to deliver the ultimate music experience. The absence of a nozzle gave Samsung's designing team plenty of opportunities while designing these earbuds. This extra space is utilized by working on twofold vends, alleviating the suction sensation by the earbuds, and creating spatial depth to audio reproduction. The opposite of the air vent in each earbud has a bass duct that further amplifies the bass notes and provides amazing sound quality. With one of the best noise-cancellation technology, the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live can even handle the daily commute disruptive sounds such as train rumble.


Spotify integration, Game Mode, and other features

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live has Spotify integration with its noise-canceling technology especially with Samsung smartphones and other android devices. A user can expect the same while using the earbuds on Game Mode, and get the same sound performance from earbuds. Other features include hands-free Bixby access for a group of Samsung smartphones while others can rely on Google Assistant or Siri to help users with voice search. For using noise-cancellation toggles, connection, and battery status readouts, touchpads settings, equalizer options, and software updates you can use Android or iOS Galaxy Wearables.


All these features make Galaxy Buds best buy option in the Galaxy wearable earbud lineage. For those with a Samsung Galaxy smartphone, and are in search of a pair of noise-cancellation earbuds, these earbuds are the best bet.

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