Environment friendly packaging

What is eco-friendly packaging? And why do you need it?

Sustainable and Eco-friendly packaging is not the trend rather it is need of time to save the environment by using products that do not harm our environment and climate change.

Why Do You Need Eco-Friendly Packaging For Your Product?

Eco-friendly packaging is the new sustainable way to hold your products in packaging that is friendly towards the environment and saves your product from external factors as well. And the reason you need eco-friendly and sustainable packaging is not only the changing trends but the steps that governments of different countries have taken to save the planet.

Let’s Talk Facts:

As per the report submitted by United Stated Environmental Protection, the amount of packaging waste is almost 80 million tons of packaging.  This increases the risk of pollution and yes global warming is the universal issue. It is also a very common perception that packaging of all the types is bio-degradable. Which is not true, every packaging material has its own time to decay and be part of the land. Still not convinced? Well, let’s talk numbers then. As per the survey report from a few departments of the US government, the following is the times span that each of the material (used in packaging) takes to decay in the environment.

  1. 1 million years for a glass bottle to decay.
  2. 450 years span for plastic beverage bottles to decay
  3. 80-200 years for aluminum cans, depends on the thickness.
  4. Lastly, the plastic bags that are most frequently used which takes approx 10-to-20 years

Let’s face the fact that you cannot deny the importance of packaging. It is the need of an hour. But do you really think that type of packaging that clogs the oceans and expected to exceed the weight of all fish by 2050; is the packaging you need to develop your business on? Definitely not!

A major contribution to the non-biodegradable packaging is through the food and beverage industry. Large food corporations like Nestle and Uniliver have been reported as the major companies generating the majority of plastic waste. Want to know more about sustainable packaging? Click here.

Package wisely and save the planet:

Saving the planet means you have to make wise choices when it comes to your end. Many companies have been shifted to biodegradable packaging material. That will b enlisted below; It is assumed that biodegradable packaging is expensive and cannot be afforded by the startup and people in running small scale businesses. However, this a very wrong perception; As by the reduction of packaging material used, manufacturing can end up costing less and the package becomes lighter, therefore shipping becomes cheaper too.

Then How to package your product?

Here we have listed out some of the very unique and perfect ideas to make the outlook of your product packaging appealing and also that will cost you less in your business at the same time.

  1.  Tote/ Non-woven Bags: 

People usually confuse them with cloth bags. When it comes to the tote bags it can be cotton bags as well. But non-woven bags are different from the usual cotton/ tote bags as those non-woven bags are intervened in a way that looks like a fabric bag.

Pros:  It can be reused as they don’t get torn up by one-time use. You might observe that a lot of grocery stores have replaced plastic bags with these tote bags so that all your, some supermarkets and shops have already made a move towards stopping to give plastic bags away, or are charging them to deter people from using too many of them.

2. Less packaging and more efficiency: 

Bright_Idea2.jpgSometimes, you feel like the packaging is excessive for the product. Large boxes are made for small products and vice versa. Therefore, it is necessary to get custom boxes made for your products and as per the required size for your brand. For the sake of the environment, Esther Li designed light bulb packaging. The idea is shown below as the packaging layer is created from a single strip of recyclable cardboard and offers protection while still displaying the bulb.


Pros: It consumes less packaging material which leads to less time in decomposition.

Cons: If your package is no covered completely with the corrugation it might not be the best idea for shipment purposes.

3. Reusable bag

The idea is completely owned by the designer Yves Béhar. He has created the bag with the box. Puma is the first internationally re-known company to start these eco-friendly packaging boxes for shoes. Yes, even the big boys want a slice of the eco-friendly action. What’s special? Well, they are manufactured with fewer raw materials and can be re-used afterward.


Pros: As per the research of the company, approximately 60% of energy resources are saved as compared to the energy desired by traditional bag manufacturing processes. Plus, they are stylish as well.

4. Bottle packaging:HTB1GkLXphWYBuNjy1zkq6xGGpXae.jpg

From the past decade, bottle packaging is not given much importance as the bottle itself in the packaging for liquor. The maximum detail we could see was bottle Neckers. But bottle cartons are used to make sure that you handle your bottles carefully and in a straight manner. They are usually made from bleached cardboard paper but since the structure of the holder is manufactured in a way that allows more grip to the product.

Pros: The packaging allows holding your product effectively with a single side of the grip. Plus, the cardboard can be then disposed of.

Cons: This is not recommended for heavy glass bottles unless the cardboard used is of great quality. For this purpose, testing needs to be done frequently.


What company to consult?

Since governments of all countries have made the law to support eco-friendly packaging; many companies have shifted to the trends of manufacturing environment-friendly packaging. Alibaba packaging boxes is one among them that supports the packaging for environment-friendly and also taking steps to make packaging less expensive and more secure.  For the branding of your brand, you customize your packaging with the printed logo as well as the design. 

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