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How On Demand Delivery App is Beneficial for your Food Business?

What food business industry people look for is a delivery service provider that provides them with the option of multi-drop-offs that means they look for the one that provides the safe and fastest on demand delivery service to them.

The online ordering in the food business has increased to 300% and it is still growing post Covid19. If you are into the food service industry, you would know that delivery is a time-honored staple of this industry. However, looking at the scenario before Covid19, offering in-house delivery from food houses was quite in but post Covid, conditions have changed. In spite it has been realized that in-house delivery comes with a bigger price-hiring, training, employing and managing drivers add extra labor costs to restaurants or even small food setups.

The most seamless alternative to in-house delivery is to utilize a company offering instant delivery service. Even customers have the option of placing the order over the phone, on a website or even using restaurant app- on demand delivery providers like Doordash, Ubereats, Senpex, Postmates etc offer best services.

Did you know that 26% of USA consumers order for delivery at least once in a week? Same day delivery service companies with these platforms partner with restaurants to provide customers with food delivered to their doorstep by a third-party courier company. These partnerships have paved a way for restaurants who were struggling after the COVID-19 dining room shutdown.

Who is an On Demand Delivery Partner?

A delivery partner is a third-party delivery service provider company who partners with restaurants, retailers, businesses for same day delivery of single or bulk orders.  It is the responsibility of the delivery partner to deliver the defined requirements on time without any defects.

Which are the delivery companies?

Here are few players who are disrupting the market in California region so far

  • Best for more than just food: Senpex
  • Best for deals: Postmates/ Seamless
  • Best for consistency: Doordash.
  • Best for fast delivery:  Delivery Lane Express
  • Best for easy payment: Grubhub

What food business industry people look for is a delivery service provider that provides them with the option of multi-drop-offs that means they look for the one that provides the safe and fastest on demand delivery service to them. At the same time, they want that the person delivering their food is professional and well- versed with the route planning software to reach the destination in the shortest time to deliver freshly prepared food to their customers.

 So which is the best route planner app for delivery drivers?

Most recently included in the previous list of best multi-route planner apps for delivery drivers is Senpex. They offer AI driven route optimization software not just for the food industry but a variety of other industries too like retail, auto, legal, corporate, electronics & hardware, and the medical industry.

Also there are MapQuest, Route XL, Onfleet and more.

If you are a restaurant owner looking for expansion or your food business is growing fast ,here are a few reasons why on demand delivery app can help you manage your order fulfillment much better –

Accessibility: Having an app dedicated for your restaurant deliveries can make it extremely convenient to process and deliver orders to customers. It removes the need to keep records of deliveries manually. These delivery apps can help restaurant owners to assign direct deliveries to the drivers and stay in contact with them for better communication.

Faster Deliveries: Food business owners can easily assign a driver and not skip a single order. They can process the incoming orders for deliveries quickly and make the process simplified.

Simplified Order Management: A delivery app helps you manage all the deliveries from one place. This means that you can avoid confusion and remain in sync with the orders sent out for delivery and in a queue to be delivered.

 Food Out for Delivery Tracking: The on demand delivery apps come with a user friendly interface. You can easily schedule a pickup, track the whereabouts of the delivery executive and also track when your food package is delivered.With live updates and tracking information, you can easily manage your deliveries on the go.

 Delivery made for Food Business

Food service industry depends upon two factors- how freshly it is prepared and delivered to customers.On demand delivery is important to answer customers' food craving. By tapping in the safe and fastest delivery service app,you are sure to deliver food fast and easy.


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