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How Pandemic Coronavirus May Impact the Agriculture Sector

The foundation of every economy is agriculture. It is the focal area that creates jobs so that the whole cycle of economic activity keeps going. The continuing pandemic presents a danger to all farmers' livelihoods and the people who engage in the field. COVID-19 has disappeared in several countries meanwhile has returned to a few countries.

The foundation of every economy is agriculture. It is the focal area that creates jobs so that the whole cycle of economic activity keeps going. The continuing pandemic presents a danger to all farmers' livelihoods and the people who engage in the field. COVID-19 has disappeared in several countries meanwhile has returned to a few countries. The pandemic will undoubtedly go away. However, we do not know when and how much of the detrimental economic influence it will bring. Leading authors and analysts projected a food shortage unless urgent steps were taken to secure the food supply's most fragile networks. Not only has the pandemic taken its toll on farmers but equally on the Agriculture Machinery & Parts Manufacturers.


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Are The Measures Taken Enough?

In any catastrophe or disease outbreak scenario, society's poor sections are often the hardest affected. With nearly 85% of Indian farm homes consisting of small and marginal farmers and an essential part of the population becoming landless farm employees, COVID protection measures would undoubtedly allow them to enforce this sincerely. The government must also concentrate on preserving the lives of every person. But people surviving on agriculture and allied operations, particularly those who lose their income at this time from everyday work, must be provided with alternate avenues (cash transfers) before the economy booms back.

Farmers And Manufacturers Hit Alike! 

Not only are the farmers upset due to this pandemic, but Cultivator Manufacturers India, too, is facing similar issues. As in the Corona period, producers of all kinds of agricultural machinery have also suffered losses, whether they are crank manufacturers India or others.

Why Are The Manufacturers Struggling?

The severe shortage of workers drives peasants to automation. However, with dealers closing down and banks and large firms yanking the buying credit lines, the world's largest farming machinery market is in disarray.  


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Disaster to Opportunity

If we see it closer, the pandemic has also opened the gates for agriculture machine manufacturers to steer out the ways to drive in more demand while making their machinery more accessible and upgrading the technologies. The different agricultural pieces of machinery are as follow:

#1.Rotavator Gearbox

It is particularly useful for the harvesting of sugarcane and other crop roots. It totally and thoroughly extracts roots. Sequential furrowing and cultivation may be performed to save time, effort, and fuel. Plus, deep soil cultivation with these types of machinery is also feasible. The compactness of the soil should not occur, though. It also helps sustain a healthy soil level and enables the immediate planting of the next farm. It means the tractors do not receive extra loads. In the meantime, operating expenses are virtually trivial. It is ideally adapted for the production of grapes and other berries. And here is what the Rotavator gearbox manufacturer India can get the upper hand in reaching to the farmers and enriching their lives with the cutting edge technology.

 #2. Wheat Thresher  

The threshers are ideal for wheat, maize, sorghum, rice, ragi, millets, mustard, pulses, etc. Multi-crop threshers comprise plants with feed chute, sawdust cylinder with beaters/blades, sieve cage, flywheels, bears, grain and straw outlets, etc. And that's why it is in huge demand across North India. It also means that Wheat Thresher manufacturers India can access these markets to spread their business and make their products more viable to even the marginal farmers through various schemes

#3. Straw Reaper  

Straw Reaper is a threshing machine. It slices, threshes, and cleanses straw in a go. After the combined harvest, the wheat stalks remaining are cut by oscillating blades. Push it back to & auger while the spinning reel drives it. The stalks are transported to the machine. It provides superior output separation. And hence it can be very lucrative for the paddy farmers. What Straw Reaper manufacturers India needs to do is reach the farmers through various financing schemes to help them become more productive with these machines' help in farming.

How Are Farmers Showing The Way To The Manufacturers?

In different states, farmers work together to establish custom hiring centres (CHCs) for agricultural machinery, especially combine harvesters. An operator is employed who knows how the machine can do and, more importantly, can fix appliances that often break down during cultivation and or harvesting.

How to Get Out Of This Pandemic Challenge?

Best Rotavator Manufacturers and Suppliers in India have already gone the extra mile by expanding the market to make it more viable for the farmers. Had not this pandemic occurred, the situation would have been different. However, there are many ways in which low demand for these machines can be given a 'shock-therapy' to boost sales. Below are a few problems and possible solutions that every agricultural machine manufacturer should take into account. Here are some of the issues that are impacting the growth in the sector.

Issues Hindering the Growth:

• Facilities for inadequate irrigation

• Many farmers also lack access to finance and rely on unorganized financial lenders

• Increasing land degradation

• High product life, contributing to poor substitution and upgrade rates.


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What's The Outcome?

Along with the government, manufacturers and banks need to look over these issues as a combined goal to achieve. Rectifying these problems would not only allow more significant opportunities to all three players; farmers, manufacturers, and the government alike. Be it raptor machinery manufacturer or any other machine producer, this is a common concern.

Good News!

The global demand for agricultural and agricultural machinery is expected to grow dramatically over the projected timeline from 2020 to 2026. In 2020, the business increased, and with the increasing acceptance of key players' strategies, the company is projected to expand over the planned horizon.

In Conclusion

Investments in central infrastructure must be raised to sustain the market for agricultural commodities and or machinery. Also, e-commerce and supply firms and start-ups need to be promoted with practical strategies and benefits. Small and medium-sized businesses with or without agricultural and allied raw materials need to be especially vigilant to ensure that the rural economy does not fail. Policies must promote machinery supply through State bodies, Farmer Producer Associations (FPOs), or Custom Hiring Centers (CHCs) with good benefits to prevent urgent issues of farmwork shortages.

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