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Mould Board Plough is the most noteworthy plough for main tillage in canal irrigated or weighty rain areas where many weeds cultivate.

Mould Board Plough

As a result, Mould Board Plough is the most noteworthy plough for main tillage in canal irrigated or weighty rain areas where excessively many weeds cultivate. The aim for ploughing with a Mould Board is to capsize and grind the soil, uproot all weeds, trash, and crop residues and bury them under the soil. The shape of mould Board is intended to cut down the soil and turn upside it to the right side, fully burying the undesired growth which is consequently turned into compost after decay.

We are an exporter of all types of Agriculture equipment in a range of types and models. For example Rotary Tillers, Ploughs, Disc Harrow, Disc Ploug, Ridgers, Cultivators here Plough, Sub Soiler, Hole Digger, Land Leveller, and, Trailers. We bring in the aim for ploughing with a Mould Board is to invert and macerate the soil, uproot all weeds, trash, and crop residues and inter them under the soil.


  • The under-frame and unit-to-unit clearance are adequate to cope with the trashy condition.
  • Adding an extra furrow or repositioning units to allow for extra clearance is quick and easy.
  • The plough has special wear-resistant steel bottoms with bar points for toughest ploughing jobs.
  • Bar point bottoms ensure longer life as they can be extended or reversed and re-used fill the last possible length.

Disc Plough

Furthermore, Used for deep ploughing in roof-infested, muggy, rocky, and hard soils. Mixes remain of crops and weeds all through the deepness of ploughing. Therefore perfect for rain-fed areas for checking soil erosion by water and wind. The disc plough is planned to exertion in all types of soil for functions such as soil breaking, soil mixing, soil raising, and, soil turning. It is used to open the new fields and to process the rocky areas. It can be used effortlessly in rocky and entrenched areas. And it is particularly functional in hard and dry tacky land surroundings and in soils. It is being formed with 2-3-4 and 5 bottoms with an alternative for additional kit for furrow addition. It is unswervingly mounted to the tractor. Extra heavy-duty pipe frame has sky-scraping trash authorization allowing the plough to work despite heavy crop remains.

Types of Mould Board Ploughs

1) Fixed Type (one way) Mould Board Plough

In addition, one way plough chucks the furrow wedge to one side of the way of the voyage and is normally used all over. It might be an extensive beam-type or dumpy beam type.

2) Two-way or Reversible Plough

Besides, it is a mouldboard plough which turns furrow slice to the exact or left side of the track of travel as essential. Such ploughs have two sets of different bottoms. In such a plough, all furrows can be twisted towards the similar side of the field by using one bottom for one way of travel and the other base on the return trip. Two sets of the bottom are so mounted that they can be raised or lowered autonomously or rotated along an axis. Two way ploughs have the benefit. They neither upset the grade of the land nor leave dead furrows or back furrows in the middle of the meadow.

3) Turn Wrest plough:

Moreover, there are several reversible ploughs which have a solitary bottom with an arrangement. The plough bottom is distorted from right hand to left hand or vice versa by rotating the bottom through about 180° about a longitudinal axis. This kind of plough is called turn wrest plough. As moving only, the plough throws the earth in one way. And at the go again trip the direction of the plough bottom is tainted. Thus the plough starts throwing the soil in a similar direction as ahead of.

Mould Board plough Price

In addition, our obtainable plough is manufactured by utilizing the best quality raw materials and sophisticated technology by our accomplished professionals. To make sure quality, the offered product is thoroughly tested on assorted parameters. In tune with international standards, we give the obtainable plough in a range of specifications, as per the obligation of our clients. Our valuable clients can benefit this range from us at market leading prices. The price of the Mould board plough price is Rs 30,500/Piece.

Mounted Mould Board Plough

Besides, the under-frame and unit-to-unit clearance are sufficient to manage with worthless conditions. Adding furrow or relocation units to allow for extra consent is speedy and trouble-free. The plough has a particular wear-resistant steel blade with bar points for toughest ploughing jobs. Bar points having a longer life, as they can be unmitigated until the last achievable length. It is premeditated to work in all types of soil, for soil breaking, soil raising, and soil revolving.

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