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How Product assortment can do the Categorization of Your Website Hierarchy to Increase Sales

In this article learn about How Product assortment can do the Categorization of Your Website Hierarchy to Increase Sales


Most of the online store owners know that if customers are not able to locate the products they are looking for on their online stores, then they would not visit the store again for their further purchase. Also, it is not untrue that offering more products in online stores can maximize out more revenue. The same fact holds true for product information also. The well the product is categorized, the more traffic it will generate, which will affect the store’s revenue in a far big way.

Just for say, if you are planning to initiate your new product with a lot of uniqueness and different particular ingredients. Thus, 

  • You move towards the grocery store and will search only for particular items. 
  • You are not able to find the checkout lanes, with this the return of the cart is a faraway point from your purchase.

Thus, you get pissed off for not being able to find the particular items and breaks-down the navigation of the store.

Sadly, it is considered as one aspect of the brick and mortar store which is all cloned by the online store with improper product navigation and organization creating a big wall between the customers and order completion.

Therefore, there exist a number of ways in which this disorganization can be encountered with a very clear category structure and obvious product aspects.

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What is Product Taxonomy? 

When the word “Taxonomy” is heard, immediately the idea of classification of organisms into the hierarchical manner as per the biology concept hits our mind. It is quite correct, except in this case the term is elaborate not the classification of organisms, but the classification and organization of the unorganized data in an e-commerce store or on the website for the perks of users and the potential business.

Taxonomy is a greek term used to describe the laws of placing orders. In simple words, it is known as categorizing, organizing, grouping and most of it get the fact that why this is being carried out.

Let’s consider the very common shopping experience from which everyone has passed through, an elementary apparel store. On arriving at the homepage, we came to know that clothing has been put under the category of men’s and women’s. 

After deciding on this first selection, we can now notice that the clothes are divided between shirts and pants. This process is simple, logical, and to the point.

The Effect of using taxonomy on websites 

If you start an eCommerce business,Plan out your website’s taxonomy will make the process easy for your content and relevant products to be found by users of your site. You should make sure that you know who the users of your site are and how they will be using your website.

Your eCommerce store product taxonomy has been comprised of three parts: categories, tags, and attributes. If you did not focus on these items when you first set up your store, now is the time to take another look and update them as needed.

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Why the product taxonomy important for you? 

It is considered that product assortment really works well. It very well clarifies the hierarchy and relationship among various elements and capabilities that are present in your business. It defines that what can be easily sold, and who has the charge to manage the things. With this, it also tells that who takes the functions like delivery and support.

How does it work to enhance your eCommerce sales?

If will have a look online for seeking advice on improving your store or increasing sales, what you will read is likely to have a scope from designing tips to general marketing ideas and strategies. 

But hardly gets the answer to the question of “how do I make my store better?” in a simple way. Is it not a matter of practicing out marketing methods until and unless you find out one that sticks. Sometimes the reason your store is not effective can be having less to do with marketing and more to do with the decisions you have taken at the very beginning of its lifespan.

It is clear that visitors to your site falls into the two categories: ‘

  • Searchers 
  • Browsers 

It is easy and simple to understand that how good product taxonomy benefits browsers.

Therefore, the users are peaked at the header or the hamburger menu, scrutinizing categories and subcategories.

It is also essential to know that your customer base and should offer a logical organization that reflects their shopping patterns and forms. 

The different searchers are not going to shift through levels and levels of doing the listing of pages. These customers go directly to the search bar as soon as they land on your homepage and arrive knowing what they are in search to find.  

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The things which can be done more 

Any e-commerce store can use all three of the taxonomies to make shopping and sorting through products faster and easier for customers. Let’s probate how you can do that via your navigation, widgets, and a few other options.

Different navigation styles 

Entrepreneurs use varied ways to search for the same product in an online store. With the product taxonomy, you are able to tag content based on both type and product. Organization gets affected by the user interface and user experience of your potential site. The main thing to first consider is where your products should actually live.

Optimize the search engine

As it is already discussed above, the importance of taxonomy as related to product recommendation on internal searches. But if too many results are returned, you might as well be back where you started. 

It is seen that tiddlers work best when provided with the full structured data, and clear organization, with hierarchy and distinctions better to be called out, is a bright radar telling Google exactly how to find your content.

Product taxonomy powers the facets and filters on your search engine results pages and helps make sure that the proper products are promoted in searches.

Don’t ever do the over-categorization

Using something that offers you the visualization of the product assortment by drawing the tree on the whiteboard. One of the unintentional consequence of doing a taxonomy is to exercise that you might do the over-organize.

If you find that a viewer of your site has to spend more time on navigating than looking at the actual products, you have too many levels as well as subcategories.

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