How Service Providers are Understanding the Customer Requirement and Innovating New Infrastructures

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The bill payment sector has witnessed the days of the extremely chaotic queues and highly peaceful online payment. The technology is on a rapid move and the innovations are making the best use fo the evolving changes. Hence forming a highly useful, customer-centric payment modes. Once upon a time(yes) there were long queues for making the utility bill payment in the urban region. But rural people are traveling as long as 30–40km every month to make the payment which is charging hefty bills and loss of daily wages to the people with the generation of small amounts as low as 30–50 Rs. Hence punjab electricity bill payment is done at a great expense.

But with increased adoption of technology coupled with the high influx of smartphones, the online modes of payment are more preferred in the urban jungle. But the payment along with the lower service charges and data charges has resulted in more customers inclining to the online payment modes. Also the ease of payment from the comfort of their cozy homes, not having to travel great distances or spending money has resulted in making maharashtra electricity bill payment online. Hence with the ongoing success and the availability of the infrastructure, the customers are demanding more superior benefits from the payment service providers leading to more evolution in the sector.

Recently, where there was a survey in the remote regions of Koppa, people were willing to get on the digital platform providing the availability of the service. But there was a hesitation related to online payments as cash is still the primary mode of transaction. The online payment modes, with its complexity is intimidating the simple villagers with the need for the internet service, double authentication process and the invisible modes of payment are still under scrutiny. These villagers need an infrastructure that understands their mindset, and dependency of the cash and still is digital while making the goa electricity bill payment.

The customer-centric approach has always been a successful model for all payment service providers. But India is a vast country with geographies that are digitally equipped and many underserved in rural regions. The rural sectors are highly fragmented and providing the basic amenities in itself is a huge challenge. Bu the Government is making many policies in this sector and the including the rural sectors in the ever-increasing inclusion to the digitization. In this firm, the budget 2020, Rs 6000 crores have been provided for the BharatNet project. Hence the adani electricity mumbai bill payment will be easier through the online modes as the project involves connected 1 lakh village panchayats with the high connectivity internet. The Anganwadi, post offices and other public places will have access to the uninterrupted internet.

If this is solving the much-required bill payment through the online modes by providing the infrastructure through the internet and affordable smartphones. But what people are denied is the relief from the daunting online complexities and the replacement of the cash payments. Hence start-up from Bangalore is solving this problem in the most efficient way possible by facilitating utility bill payment like Visakhapatnam electricity bill payment through the ATP Kiosk that is a state of art machine that provides payment by accepting cash as a digital payment mode through the cash acceptor and validator. The credit/debit card payments are also possible through the integrated PoS device.

If the payment mode was solved, but to take this facility to the remote villages, Mobile Van was conceptualized. Hence the bill payment like ndmc electricity bill payment can be facilitated through the Kiosk machine stationed inside the Mobile Van.

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