Jeep Wrangler Headlights

How to Aim Jeep Wrangler Headlights?

Jeep Wrangler is not an average SUV. It is a pure off-road vehicle. No matter how treacherous the road is, you can drive your jeep wrangler over such a road with ease.

Jeep Wrangler is not an average SUV. It is a pure off-road vehicle. No matter how treacherous the road is, you can drive your jeep wrangler over such a road with ease. Driving this kind of jeep will bring you a lot of enjoyment, but you should note whether your headlights are properly aimed. 

If your headlights are aimed so high, the oncoming drivers will be blinded. Or if they are aimed so low, you cannot see the road. Hence it is necessary to aim your headlights correctly to increase driving safety. Here we give you a specific guide to aim jeep wrangler headlights!

 What will you need?

Masking tape

Tape measure

Torx T-15 driver

 What will you need to do?

After you prepare the tools listed above, you can begin your job of aiming headlights. Now let's take a closer look at the process.

Step 1. Make preparation

First, you need to check your jeep wrangler. If you find there are some heavyweight in your truck, take them away. Press your jeep tires by hand and make sure they get inflated rightly. And you'd better ensure the fuel tank is full.

 Step 2. Attach two crosses to the wall

Look for a dark place where the wall is flat and the ground is level. Of course, you can do it in your garage and utilize your garage door. That is your choice. Drive your jeep wrangler as close to the wall as possible. Measure the height from the center of one headlight to the ground with a tape measure and then attach one cross on the corresponding location of the wall with measure tape according to the height you measured. Deal with the other headlights in the same way. Finally, you can see there are two crosses on the wall.

 Step 3. Back up your jeep wrangler 25 feet

Back up your jeep wrangler 25 feet away from the wall. Find out the adjustable screws of your jeep wrangler headlights. Usually, there are two adjustable screws on per headlight, but jeep wrangler JK or others only have one on per headlight, which means you just can adjust the headlights up and down. You should make clear that how many adjustable screws are on per headlight. If your headlights have two adjustable screws, you can find that one is at the top to adjust the vertical direction, and the other is on the side to adjust the horizontal direction.

 Step 4. Aim the headlights

After finding the adjustable screws, now it is time to aim your headlights. You should examine the locations of two rays of light projected by the jeep wrangler headlights on the wall and relate them to that two crosses. When turning on the low beams, you should ensure the two light beams are right below the two crosses. And when turning on high beams, you should make sure they are dead on the two crosses. Insert a Torx T-15 driver into the adjustable screws to aim headlights. You should aim the headlights one by one and ensure that two rays of light are even with each other and in that range.

 Step 5. Test the result

For your driving safety, you cannot forget to test whether your headlights are rightly aimed. That is an important step. You cannot miss it. Bring the tools mentioned above and drive your jeep wrangler at night. If you find that you can get better visibility on the road, your job has been done well.


Don't forget to aim your headlights properly if you have replaced them with new ones or installed a lift kit. Driving your jeep wrangler will actually bring you a lot of fun, but you should pay attention to road conditions with properly aimed headlights. As an off-road enthusiast, it is necessary for you to learn how to aim your jeep wrangler headlights. The five steps listed above are not difficult. So do it by yourself and take action now!

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