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How to Choose an IT Staffing Agency

We have shared a detailed guide about how you can choose an IT staffing agency and can take your business to next level.

Choosing a temporary employment agency carefully is important because there are differences in speed, price, quality, service, and reliability. Moreover, there also appear to be quite professional agencies. So there is every reason to choose well.

Temporary agency work can even be very beneficial, especially if you are still entering the job market wet behind your ears. Working under your education level is no shame at all.

Many people nowadays start a job that does not fit well with their education. Again, that's okay: after all, you gain valuable work experience. And working below your level is always better than a hole in your resume.

Advantages of Choosing Staffing Agency?

Gaining work experience - that is the first advantage of IT staffing agencies. As a second advantage, orientation on the labor market can be mentioned. You will find out if the work you are doing now is for you, even if you might not have expected it at all. In the case of temporary work, you can also try out different types of work. Temporary work is therefore a very useful starting point from which to plan the rest of your career.

A second advantage is building your network, which is very important at this time. The majority of vacancies are filled in this way nowadays.

You will come into contact with several employers through agency work. Take the opportunity to impress so that they immediately think of you when they need someone permanent! In addition, it is also useful to get a good sheet of paper at the employment agency itself. After all, they also have a wide network of contacts!

Temporary Employment Contract

There is a chance that the temporary employment contract will evolve into a permanent position at a company as soon as they have a vacancy to fill. They know exactly what they are good for you through your agency work and do not have to invest valuable time and money in an application procedure. Moreover, you yourself have become accustomed to the corporate culture and the position, so that you are extra valuable to the employer.

Posting the vacancy, placing advertisements, choosing potential candidates, and entering into conversations: everything that has to do with applications takes time. The time you prefer to spend on your own work. An employment agency takes your work off your hands. They have experience in placing people in the right place and often have found one or more suitable candidates within a few days. Finding the right staff is important, they can create a company. Also, check out the checklist for working with employment agencies.

Uses the Network

A temporary employment agency has often built up a large network during the years that it worked. And as a company, you can make use of this network in your search for manpower in various types of specializations, from maritime vacancies to administrative ones. Over the years, the agencies have built up a portfolio of candidates who are only too happy to work for your company, so you don't have to start your search from the beginning. There is a good chance that the agency will quickly find someone who can get started to get the job done.

It Offers Flexibility

If you have found someone through the employment agency for the (temporary) tasks that you have within your company, and you like this person, there are possibilities to offer this person a permanent contract. Of course, it is the intention that this is done in consultation with the employment agency. For example, you can agree that the person will work from the employment agency for the first thousand hours and then work under the company itself. There are plenty of ways to arrange this neatly. This is a certain flexibility that an employment agency can offer.

Another form of flexibility offered by hiring an agency is that you can quickly hire someone for a short period of time to complete the work there. The stress of having piles of work lying around is instantly removed when someone is hired.

Help You Find the Right Job

Many people think that working through an employment agency has many disadvantages. For example, an employment agency would withhold part of your salary and you could only get temporary jobs at a low level. These ideas are not correct. Working through an employment agency can provide many job seekers with many benefits. The first major advantage of an employment agency is that you relinquish the great search for a suitable job. You make your wishes known to an employee of the employment agency.

With this information, supplemented with your CV and your work experience, the employment agency will find a suitable job for you. This saves you a lot of time and hassle. You can also choose to register with an employment agency that specializes in your field. For example, you can turn to Uitzendbureau Vakmasters for work in construction and engineering. In this way, you are already cutting many jobs that are not relevant to you.

Other Benefits of An Employment Agency

An employment agency can do much more for you than mediating between you and a potential employer. They offer you the opportunity to expand your network. If you choose to take temporary jobs, because your dream job is not available at the moment, you will gain many valuable contacts. Contacts that can come in handy in the future in finding a permanent appointment. Even if you are not quite sure yet what you want to do, you can gain work experience and try different functions through an employment agency.

An employment agency offers you the opportunity to orient yourself and discover what really suits you. In addition, they can guide you in finding which job suits you and give you advice about job interviews. Once you have found work, the role of an employment agency does not have to stop. The employees will continue to guide you and in some cases there are opportunities to provide you with further training, so that your development never has to come to a standstill.

Why Should I Choose a Temporary Worker?

Hiring a temporary worker instead of hiring a new employee has many advantages. It is not without reason that the number of jobs at temporary employment agencies is growing rapidly: according to Statistics Netherlands, more than 750,000 Dutch people currently work through a temporary employment agency. So there is a good chance that there is an ideal employee for you.

The six advantages of a temporary worker in a row:

  • You do not have to spend time and money on recruitment and selection: this is done by the employment agency based on your wishes. This person should also be accompanied by his employment agency. So your new strength immediately has the right work mentality.
  • You do not run the employer risks that you would run with an employee. If the new employee falls ill, the employment agency is responsible for any continued payment of wages and reintegration.
  • You can deploy your temporary workers exactly when you need them. A busy season or an unexpectedly large project? You hire your employee when you have work. Once the job is done, you are not committed to anything.
  • An employment agency knows the market well and has access to many more job seekers than you would get to applicants. An employment agency can therefore quickly help you find a suitable new employee.
  • Not you, but the employment agency is responsible for the administrative obligations for your new employee. You only have to check whether your temporary worker passes the correct number of hours worked to his or her desk.
  • It is very easy and risk-free to try out new personnel. The rules on giving temporary employees a probationary period have become stricter. You could consider a temporary worker as someone with a very long probationary period.

Are There Also Disadvantages?

A temporary worker is more expensive than an employee. After all, you also pay for the services of the employment agency. A temporary worker also has more flexibility: he or she can terminate the temporary employment contract just like you, without too many consequences. If you need someone with very specific knowledge, or you have to invest a lot of time or money in training or training the new employee, you run the risk of that valuable colleague just walking out the door.

How Does Exactly a Staffing Agency Work?

You can approach a temporary employment agency with your question for an employee with a specific background, or a temporary employment agency approaches you. There are temporary employment agencies that specialize in a specific sector, region, or a certain group of workers, such as students. They have a customer base with people who want to get started and can introduce you to the most suitable person. Still, it can be quite difficult to find the right agency for your new employee.

There are more than 5000 temporary employment agencies in the Netherlands. How do you ensure that you ask exactly the right agency for a new employee? Does the agency you know have the knowledge of your industry and the best employees available for your company? Does the agency also supervise the people who are registered there? It can be quite a time-consuming task to find the right agency for your dream temporary worker.

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