Best Cloud Server Provider

How to Choose the Best Cloud Server Provider for Your Business?

Security should be your top priority while choosing the best cloud server provider. Depending on your industry and requirements, customers can have different security needs.

In the past, businesses used to start on a shared Linux server as they learned web-hosting and then shifted to a dedicated server that helped in handling increased web-traffic. But the cloud hosting became a game-changer, and now a business doesn’t necessarily need to use the traditional host anymore.

It is still important for many businesses to decide between a cloud server and a dedicated server. If in doubt between the two, it always helps when one knows the details and features provided by the service.

With cloud hosting, one can get server resource allocation based on hardware virtualization, whereas a dedicated server plan has to offer a fixed allocation based on isolated RAM, CPU, and SSD/HDD.

Why use Cloud Server Hosting?

Cloud hosting provides the web server with resource scalability options that give a competition on the same price range as that of dedicated server hardware for high traffic websites.

With the ‘Plug and play’ option provided by cloud hosting, business owners can transfer existing websites for enhanced web server performance.

Which is the best cloud server provider for you?

The market in the US is flooded with different companies and teams which provide a wide range of cloud hosting plans, platforms, services, etc. The plans and services can differ, depending upon the type of company.

QuantConnects helps you to choose the best plan for your requirements at a reasonable price range. Our service has been preferred as the best cloud server provider by many users.

Here are 5 deciding factors that will help you choose a cloud server provider for your business.

  1. Security

Security should be your top priority while choosing the best cloud server provider. Depending on your industry and requirements, customers can have different security needs. It is important to check whether the cloud server offers the type of security your business or company needs.

  1. Compliance

Choosing a cloud architecture platform that meets your compliance standards is very significant. This becomes all the more important when your applications and data go live in a public cloud infrastructure.

  1. Manageability

Different services and plans provide multiple customization tools that integrate with various other services. Don’t make haste while determining various cloud platforms. Considering your services are important for your organization, the right cloud server provider must offer an easy way to integrate with them.


The determining factor also includes the time and effort that will require your team to manage various aspects of the cloud infrastructure.

  1. Support

Another parameter that needs to be looked into before choosing a cloud server provider, is the level of support. This boils down to be the only solution when things are so wrong with your services, and you have no idea of the technicalities.


But when that happens, will your service provider be by your side to guide you through your issues? While most services will offer you chat-based or call-based help, it is important to ask what other advanced support you can get from them when such time comes.

  1. Costs

While an unreasonably expensive service is unacceptable, looking for a cost-effective service that provides just the services you want is important too. It is better to know the cost of the services, plus other additional costs beforehand.


In case you have been in search of a reliable cloud connect service provider, you can right away get in touch with QuantConnects!

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