Custom Printed Shipping Boxes

How to Choose Your Custom Printed Shipping Boxes

If your business needs custom-printed corrugated shipping boxes to deliver your valuable products, then you should understand exactly the type. Thus, you should know how to choose your custom-printed shipping boxes.

If your business needs custom-printed corrugated shipping boxes to deliver your valuable products, then you should understand exactly the type. As we know that there are various options out there that will overwhelm you. Thus, knowing the basics will surely help you out in the selection process to be smoother. In order to help you out in this matter, this article will discuss how to choose your custom printed shipping boxes.

What Is the Exact Size of Your Product?

When you know your product’s estimations, remember the accompanying realities. All of these measurements will assist you in deciding how large or tight your custom printed boxes for shipping should be.

The inside dimensions of your boxes are the usable space. Meanwhile, the outside dimensions of your boxes are also important for shipping purposes. With the fact that dimensional weight will be used to calculate delivery costs, you need to find a great medium between inside and outside dimensions. In simple words, the boxes should be a proper fit for your product, without costing you a huge shipping budget at the same time.

Always try to avoid wasted space as much as possible. Why? Because an oversized box will result in bigger shipping charges, require void fill and carton-sealing tape, while also increasing the risk of your products moving around or even get damaged during the shipping journey.

What Is Your Product’s Type?

Your product’s type along with its special considerations will influence your choice of custom printed shipping boxes wholesale. Below are some categories of products:

  • Food items, medicines, or other types of perishables will require insurance from heat and humidity changes. Protected shipping kits and some additional items such as cold packs will help to seal and protect environments.
  • Apparel and hand-made products require custom shipping boxes that will keep them sheltered and unmoving, while still providing enough room for void fill, padding, or cushion.
  • Fragile products will need as many layers of protection as possible as you surely don’t want any pressure or strain on them.

There are various products that demand special treatment throughout the shipping journey and the packaging fillers will a perfect solution to make sure that your products will not get damaged during shipping.

Additional Tips for Packing Your Custom Printed Shipping Boxes No Minimum

  • Remember to always avoid poor packaging choices

Instead, try to stick with the new and undamaged shipping boxes. Also, make sure that your custom printed shipping boxes no minimum will bear all the tears or unseen issues like water damage. If possible, go for reinforced WAT (water-activated tape) for sealing your shipping boxes. This type of tape will be stronger than that standard packing tape, while also leaving noticeable evidence in the case of packaging damage.

  • Try the best you could to avoid wasteful packaging choices

Try to stick with foam sheets, bubble cushions, or packing paper for your custom printed shipping boxes whenever it is possible. Even though packing tape is important, but still, over-taping will not provide any further secure customer shipment.

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