Connect canon printer to iPhone

How to Connect canon printer to iPhone

Connect canon printer to iPhone

How a user can connect canon printer to the iPhone and obtain a printout through the Air Print you need to follow the content. To connect the canon printer to iPhone there are various steps you need to follow.


Step 1 Check the environment.


  •  User needs to check his/her environment.
  • The user needs to use I phone (3Gs or later).
  • The cannon printer and iPhone should be connected to the same wifi network.


 Step 2 Prints with Air print.


  •  The cannon printed should be turned on, and then it should also be connected to LAN.
  •  The user needs to tap on the operation icon.
  •  Tap on the print option which is there in the menu option.
  •  Select the option of the model you want to use which is under the printer option.


Step 3 selects the paper size.


 While using the Air Print the paper size is selected automatically.


Step 4 checks the print status.


  • The print icon is displayed in the recently used app list, mainly while printing.
  • Tap on the home button twice on the Apple device, to get the list of the latest used apps.


Step 5 do Air print troubleshooting.


  • Turn on the power of the machine.
  • Both iPhone and cannon devices should be connected to the same wifi network.
  • Check the ink and paper of the printer.
  • Check and ensure there should be no error message on the device.


The above steps will help you to connect canon printer to iPhone with the Canon printer. In case you need furthermore, assistance you can connect with the printer support phone number for help. 

The printer support phone number is available for their user. 


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