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How to Convert PST to PDF with Attachments - Quick Tips

Learn how to Convert PST to PDF with Attachments in batch. Get the ultimate solution to export PST files into PDF documents in a trouble free manner.

The PST file is the most ideal format in Outlook. It is used to save emails with all attachments like contacts, calendars, schedules, notes, etc. However, sometimes users need to convert PST to PDF with attachments.

On the other hand, PDF is one of the most widely used and convenient files for storing data / documents. A PDF file enables its users to share and access data efficiently and securely. These files can be protected with a password to limit access. Microsoft Outlook mail is blocked if the clients do not have Outlook in their system.

Hence, in this article, we will provide both manual and automated method for converting PST to PDF with attachments.

Why Do We Need Expert Solution to Export PST to PDF ?

There are many reasons why you need to convert Outlook PST email to PDF format. Some of the reasons are given below: -

  • Client cannot work with PST files without Outlook
  • PDF files are extremely compact in nature and make information easy to manage.
  • Passwords can protect PDF documents and data.
  • PDF files are platform independent and available, but PST files are platform dependent.

These are the reasons why you need to export Outlook PST to PDF format.

How to Convert Outlook PST File to PDF Documents ?

The following two manual methods convert Outlook PST to PDF file format:

Manual Method#1 With Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

To convert PST to Outlook using Adobe PDF tab, please follow the steps below: -

  • The first step is to open Outlook and click on the Adobe PDF tab in the upper right corner.
  • The second step is to select the email you want to convert.
  • Then hit on the Selected Messages on Adobe PDF screen.
  • Click on Create New PDF and a drop-down menu will appear.
  • Then the Save tab is open.
  • Select the destination path to save, then press on the save tab.

Manual Method#2 Use Microsoft Print for PDF

Follow the below steps to learn how to convert Outlook PST to PDF with Microsoft.

  • Open Outlook, and then select the emails in the PST file that needs to be converted.
  • Press down on the File tab from the top and click the Print button.
  • Select the printer and press Microsoft Print to PDF from the drop-down list.
  • Currently, press the "Print" button.
  • In the Save tab, enter the save area and file name.
  • At this point, click the "Save" button.

Professional Method - Outlook PST to PDF Converter Software

With the help of a professional software, PST to PDF converter tool, you can easily convert PST files with all attachments to PDF format. This utility provides two modes, namely the file mode and folder mode of Outlook PST file converter to PDF. When PST is exported to PDF, it will provide "Advanced Search Mode".

  • Convert PST to PDF with Attachments
  • Offers two ways for exporting PST
  • Get preview of all elements with attributes
  • Move selected files and folders
  • Preserve the folder database
  • Provides advance search function
  • Support all Windows Editions

Wrapping Up

Hope the above information will make you understand how to convert PST to PDF with attachments with the manual method and with the help of the professional software. The manual method is complex, time consuming and can lead to data deletion during PST to PDF export. Therefore, in order to solve this problem, we will discuss the Outlook PST to PDF Converter.

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