How to create a CRM system yourself

Creation of a CRM system is a long and resource-intensive process. It makes sense to develop their CRM systems for companies with complex logic of building business processes.


Creation of a CRM system is a long and resource-intensive process. It makes sense to develop their CRM systems for companies with complex logic of building business processes. It should be borne in mind that the development of a CRM for your business will cost more than the purchase and implementation of market offers. If you pay 10-20 thousand dollars for the implementation of a ready-made CRM, then for the development and implementation of your own system, be ready to pay at least 3 million.

If you nevertheless decided to create a crm system yourself, you need to start by writing a concept and technical assignment for the contractor. 


This is a document in which you need to outline the vision of the project. Based on it, you will select a contractor, so think carefully about each item. 

The main components of the concept:

  1. Description of the future project. Formulate it in a couple of short sentences. The more accurate the better. 
  2. The main blocks of the system. Write what modules and roles will be in your CRM. Examples of modules: "Deals", "Analytics", "Tasks", "Mail". As for the roles, here you need to specify which users will be in the system and what functions will be assigned to them. Suppose an administrator, salesperson, marketer, operator. If you want to create a CRM system based on the web, then this is a slightly different concept. This is an example of a CRM system running on the web. For this type of CRM system, you should consider slightly different models. But the basic elements will be the same.
  3. Timing and cost. Indicate the approximate development timeframe and how much you are willing to pay for your unique CRM. Once you decide to build a crm system from scratch, think realistically. If the implementation of a ready-made solution takes about a month, then it will take several years to create and configure your system.
  4. Requirements for the contractor. Here you need to register what kind of specialists you need, how the interaction will take place (personally, through a manager, by phone, Skype), where the performer should be located geographically. Maybe you already have your own IT specialists, and you want them to also participate in the development. 

Technical task 

We advise you to draw up a technical assignment together with the contractor. You describe all your wishes for CRM, and the contractor tells how this can be implemented during development. So the terms of reference will be more accurate and there will be less disagreements in the output. For the same purpose, if possible, diversify the TK with layouts. Developers are technical thinkers and may not always understand your business goals. Visual examples will allow you to communicate in the same language. 

Choosing a contractor to create a CRM system

Freelancers. The advantages of working with a freelancer include speed of execution and a relatively low price tag for services, but this is one of the most unreliable options. Freelancers can disrupt deadlines, not get in touch. Many of them are running several projects at the same time.

Newbie companies. Young companies work for their image, such companies still have few clients, so they are maximally involved in the project. In addition, they can provide bonuses and discounts. Among the shortcomings, we single out a little experience and an unstable team.

Large vendors. Market mastodons who care about their brand reputation. They know how to write a high-quality CRM system, because they use the latest developments and debugged work mechanisms. True, the pay for quality and reliability will have to be higher than that of freelancers and newbie companies.

Often, companies test existing systems, cannot figure out the interface and decide to create a CRM system for themselves. If your company does not have unique business processes, we recommend that you implement a ready-made system, saving much money. 

Do you want to know how a ready-made CRM can be adapted to your business processes? Leave a request and our business analysts will tell you about the implementation of CRM in the work processes of your company.

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