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How To Decorate Fireplace With Television Above It

It’s become quite trendy to place televisions above fireplace inserts in Denver to combine their attention-grabbing power. Depending on how you decorate them, they might stand out or feel like a part of the room.

Fireplaces with television above them make for a great combination. The television attracts most people, especially when it’s running. When switched off, the fire draws attention, soothing the mind as people watch it dance. The setup is also quite functional, giving you a warm and cozy space while you enjoy the show. You can even convert your exterior space into an entertainment space by placing a TV above the outdoor fireplace in Denver.

Before going for this setup, you need to check a few things. Like the temperature above the mantel, outlets, mantel height, etc. Once everything seems fine, you can go ahead with the installation.

Depending on how you decorate the setup, you can make it stand apart or blend it with the room. Here’s how you can decorate a fireplace with a television above it:

Frame TV

A video is a collection of pictures that make it look like the image is moving. So it makes sense to add a frame to the television. This makes the TV look like a central art piece that’s constantly moving.

You can find many frames of many designs meant for televisions. They can be minimalist or artistic depending on the vibe you’re going for. Match it with the fireplace design or the frames around the wall to find the right frame. Make sure that the frame fits the screen’s perimeter.

Paint Wall Above

You can paint the wall above the mantel to make it stand out from the rest of the room. This makes the placement of the television look more purposeful. You can paint the section in different patterns to make it attractive. Do it before placing the television, especially if you plan on mounting it on the wall.

Hide TV Behind Mirror

This works best with a wall-mounted television. You can install sliding tracks to move the mirror. Mirrors make the room brighter and draw attention to the wall. They work great in rooms that get lots of sunshine. Hide the screen with a mirror when you aren’t using it. Slide it to the side when you want to watch something.

Hide Behind Art

Art pieces make for great attractions above a fireplace. Like in the mirror example, you can use tracks to hide the flat screen with a painting. You can divide the artwork into blocks so that they stack neatly beside the screen. You can motorize the rollers to control the painting remotely for convenience.

Install Sconces On The Sides

You might not need the extra light but sconces add to the ambiance with their soft light. They also fill the space, helping you resist the urge to overdecorate. Install them besides the television for a cozy evening. You can either hardwire them or use puck lights.

Place Books On Mantel

If you love reading, then there’s some good news for you. Your books might make for good decorative pieces for the mantel. Their spines add colors and textures to the area. You can stack them vertically on the sides and/or horizontally below the screen.

Hang Framed Around TV

It’s trendy to turn the area above fireplace inserts in Denver into galleries. You can do it symmetrically or asymmetrically. The symmetric style involves hanging frames of equal proportions on the sides. The asymmetric style involves hanging frames of different proportions on the sides and above.

You can use photographs, posters, paintings, etc. Ensure that the frames are of the same design or match each other. Define the area you want to decorate.

Flank Fireplace With Cabinets

You can make the area seem like a part of the room by flanking it with cabinets. Cabinets with colors matching the wall work best for this purpose. Add books, cups, pictures, plants, etc. to decorate them.

Add Greenery

Adding some plants always gives the room a fresh feeling. You can place small plants below the television and tall flower vases on the sides.


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