how to develop an app like dream11

How to Develop a Fantasy Sports App Like Dream11?

Looking to develop a fantasy sports app like dream11, Macandro offers a feature-rich and high-performing dream clone app in the android and iOS platform along with websites.

Presently, online gaming is the fastest growing platform among young people and teens across the globe. Accordance with the latest report, the global revenue of e-sports is expected around 2174.8 million dollars by the year 2023. In a deeper look, the craziness of the sports and entertainment among the audiences will never drop. Yeah. That’s true. Starting a business in a gaming platform is a wise decision to put in place. It’s the right moment to exploit the opportunity to bring off. 


Trends and Types of Fantasy Sports App:


In recent years, the usage of the internet and smartphones on gaming platforms protends a promising growth to the e-sports sector globally. E-sports is poised to become a cornerstone of the global digital games industry over the next 5 years. The digital gaming platform is the best to make monetization.


Here are some of the types of fantasy sports games.


(i) League based games

(ii) Concept-based games

(iii) Daily/weekly based games

(iv) Score based games

(v) Seasonal leagues


When you think of the fantasy sports app, your minds will figure Dream11. Yes. Dream11 is one of the booming fantasy sports apps in the industry with a large user base. Develop your gaming app like dream11 with our feature-rich dream11 clone script. 


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