How to Disable Avast Firewall Exception Control Center

Disable the Disable Avast Firewall Exception Control Center that has trouble connecting to the Internet.

A firewall is one of the most prominent tools of Avast antivirus. Installing the Avast firewall on your device will protect the network from all incoming threats. When you install the firewall on your device, it creates certain rules for the incoming traffic. The firewall actively checks all the incoming data on the network. When any of the dangerous threats try to enter the network; the firewall immediately blocks it. It checks all the data packets and blocks the dangerous ones. The Avast firewall also takes care of the outgoing data. It monitors the outgoing data and ensures that no data packet is traveling outside the device without your permission. 

The firewall tool is available on the premium plan of Avast antivirus. The Avast free antivirus provides all the basic tools to the users. You can’t use the firewall on the freeware of Avast. When you use the free antivirus plan, you will get regular pop-ups for upgrading the Avast plan. To Disable Avast Popup Offers, you need to upgrade the plan or go to the notification page to disable them manually. 

You can follow the given steps to disable Avast antivirus popups:

  1. Open the Avast free antivirus 
  2. On the dashboard, click on the Menu tab
  3. Choose the Settings option
  4. Click on Performance and hit the Software Updater tab
  5. Now uncheck the update Notification. You may get the confirmation message on the screen. Click on the Confirm button and then restart your Avast. 

Steps for disabling all the popups on Avast:

  1. On the desktop click on the Avast icon
  2. Go to the menu and choose the Settings pane
  3. On the General, choose Notifications
  4. Now check the Use silent mode and turn off the pop-ups box

On the confirmation window, click on the confirm button and now you won’t receive any popup from Avast antivirus.


Disabling Avast firewall

Avast firewall blocks all the dangerous sites to keep you secure. But sometimes users need to access the file which is blocked by your firewall. In that case, you need to disable the Avast firewall accessing the site. Here are the steps for disabling the Avast firewall:

  1. Disabling firewall from Avast antivirus:
  2. Open your Avast antivirus dashboard
  3. Go to the Protection tab (left pane)
  4. Click on Firewall

Now toggle the firewall slider to off. A time duration wizard will appear on the screen. Choose the time duration for disabling the firewall. In case you want to enable the manually then click on Stop Indefinitely. Avast confirmation wizard will be displayed. Click on the Confirm button and your Avast firewall will get disabled. Now go to the site you want to access. After completing the job, close the web browser and go to your Avast antivirus. Enable the firewall immediately and then run a full system scan to ensure that no malware can harm the data. Disabling the Avast firewall is not preferable as it makes your device vulnerable to threats. If the firewall is blocking the site then you should access it very carefully. Do not click on a link or popup while working on the site. If you click on any malicious link or pop-up; malware may enter your device and steal your data. 


Creating a new application rule on Avast firewall

The firewall has some default rules for applications. But can also create a set of rules for your firewall to keep the network secure. Follow the given steps to create Avast firewall application rules:

  1. Open Avast antivirus and go to the Protection tab
  2. Click on the Firewall window and choose Application settings 
  3. Go to the New Application rule and choose the executable file

Tap on the group name and use the orange bar to indicate the access level. Tap on the New group and provide a name to your application rule.


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