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How to find guest blogger to write guest post on your website?

At the initial stage when you just starting your website and you don’t have any website traffic then guest bloggers helps you to increase your page traffic.


Did you just start a guest blogging website? And now looking for guest author who will post guest blog on your website?

If yes.

Then I have a surprising tips for you.

First, let me clear you.

What is a guest blogging website?


Guest blogging sites are one kind of blogging websites where website owner allow users to share their content on the website.

Why you create a guest blogging website?


I have 5 reasons to create a guest blogging website inserted of a personal blogging website.


My 5 Reasons to create a guest post website


When I was built my blogging website I have 2 choices. 

  1. I can either built a PBN(Personal Blog Network) Blog
  2. Or, a Guest Blogging website.

I decide to open my first blogging website as a guest posting website.

Reason behind that is very simple.

  1. Content Idea:

When I create a guest post website and I share my website to guest bloggers and when they post their rb_blog on my websites I get a lots of idea about their content.

I mean when I reviewed their blog at that time I need to read their article and that part give me good idea about their content.

  1. Constantly Maintained

Content is very important for any website and another important part is to maintain your constantly.

I mean you need to post daily or weekly 3 times to grow your website ranking.

And with the help of guest posts I get regular fresh content for my website.

  1. Cost Cutting

Guest Blogging helps me to reduce my website maintenance cost.

I mean if I hire a professional content writer. I need to pay him salary for each content.

But, with the help of guest posting I get daily unique content at Free of cost.

  1. Guest Blogger Do SEO for me

When someone submit a guest post on my website then maximum time the guest blogger did SEO for that particular blog.

They did SEO because they wants to improve the back link authority.




  1. Site Traffic Increased

At the initial stage when you just starting your website and you don’t have any website traffic then guest bloggers helps you to increase your page traffic.


They note down your website in their guest posting website and refer your website on their network.

And when they write their post on your blog then it also increased your page on time.



And that’s all are the advantages for me to create a guest blog website inserted of a PBN website.


So why should you create a guest blogging strategy?

Guest blogging not only builds you as a thought leader within your industry, it also allows you to deliver your message directly to your target audience. And that’s not all…


So, if it isn’t already part of your digital marketing strategy –  read on and find out some guest blogging tips.


Position yourself as a thought leader

This is a long-term goal. I can’t lie and say it will happen overnight – because it won’t – but becoming a thought leader should most certainly be on your agenda. By regularly writing and guest blogging about relevant industry news, you can gradually become recognised as an authority in your industry. In time, your audience will begin to come to you for advice.


So, is guest blogging still worth it?

In short, the answer is yes. There are many benefits of following guest blogging best practises such as brand awareness, building links and improving your website’s domain authority.


Publishing useful content on high quality, relevant websites can benefit your search engine rankings greatly, and ultimately bring more traffic to your site. It will also build your authority in the industry and bring others in your sector to you as a thought leader and expert in your field.


This article has hopefully allowed you to understand the benefits of guest blogging as well as some great guest blogging tips!

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