How to make money online: Creative ways that work in 2020

Earn money online is everyone's dream. In this article we discuss about how to make money online.

You have probably already found a lot of bloggers who explain how to do it. And most of them are probably not earning a single euro (run away from whoever tells you to fill out surveys or click on ads to generate income).

Not to mention those who only make money online by selling courses where they teach how to make money. Paradoxical, right?

 It is not my style. I've spent years living on the Internet, generating thousands of euros, and learning the ins and outs of online business.

Income online course

In one week, I have managed to earn more than 8,000 euros.

First of all, you must know that it is not everyone's cup of tea to make money online. It never has been, despite what you read or want to sell you. I have had to put in a lot of effort and sacrifice a lot of my free time. I have spent sleepless nights, I have spent hundreds of hours learning, and I have given up my vacation while trying to earn my first euros. But it was worth it.

The great advantage is that technical knowledge is no longer necessary. Before, you should know how to program to create a website, but today there are systems so intuitive that even a child would know how to do it.

So the opportunity is now.

In this article, I am going to reveal to you the best ways to earn money on the Internet for its economic potential, simplicity, and ability to generate income stably. And since I want to be totally transparent with you, I will also show you my own results.

 I remind you that here you will not find high-risk systems or ridiculous income, such as completing online surveys or playing poker. If you really want to make money online, you are going to have to work it for yourself.

Active versus passive income

Before starting, you should know that there are two ways to make money online: active and passive systems.

 Assets are those that require that you have to be doing something to generate income, such as selling crafts made by you, translating texts, or playing poker.

Liabilities are those that, once created, require virtually no further action on your part. Think about the advertising revenue generated by website readers or the dividends you get with an investment. After the initial effort, then you don't have to do practically anything else.

The latter is the most desired. 

Thanks to passive systems, you can continue to generate income while you sleep, are on the go, or spend your time on anything else. They not only give you money: they also provide you with freedom.

 And it's not that active systems are inadequate, but the Internet is like a storefront that never closes. It's always up and running, and you can take advantage of it to get a steady stream of income.

 How to make money online

Let's now see the best ways to earn money online for their economic potential, simplicity, and reliability, and the results I have achieved with them.

Make money with affiliate marketing

This is the system with which I earned my first euros, and in my opinion, it is one of the most affordable ways for any beginner who wants to generate passive income.

 It hardly requires knowledge, the investment is almost nil, and its income potential is very high. Besides, once assembled, you can practically forget about it: only minimal maintenance will be necessary.

Affiliate marketing is about creating a website where you will publish analysis and product recommendations. In these analyses, you will put links to other web pages where they sell the product. If you end up buying it, the seller will give you a commission for referring a customer.

Logically, you must first have come to terms with those web pages. Luckily, today there are affiliation platforms (the best known is Amazon Affiliates) where you only have to register to be part of that agreement.

Amazon affiliates

Let's say you are passionate about photography. You could create a web page where you would post reviews of different cameras or lenses with a link to the product page on Amazon for readers interested in buying.

Your website would appear in search engines like Google when people search for analyzes or comparisons of those cameras. They would enter your item, click on the affiliate link, and if they ended up buying, Amazon would give you a percentage.
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