How to reset an Epson printer

An Epson printer resetting comes with several options for a reset. You can reset everything from the Epson printer Herer the solution

Attempting to reset an Epson printer may seem like an arduous undertaking. However, once you have known the main features of this type of device, this operation will be extremely simple.

It may happen, in fact, that the device suddenly stops or that, operating in an anomalous way, lights start flashing on the LCD display which indicates the presence of errors. In these cases, most of the time, the first thing you plan to do is replace the cartridges, but still unable to solve the problem you will have to lean towards performing a factory reset.

Epson printers: the benefits of factory reset.

Resetting an Epson printer can lead to many benefits. First of all, the operation will restore all the printing blocks, errors and anomalous messages that usually show up suddenly. In addition, the ink counters of the printer itself will also be reset by acting on the cartridge chip. The latter type of procedure will provide the advantageous possibility of unlocking the unit without the need for an Epson specialized assistance center.

It is good, then, to know that there are two procedures for doing this: a standard and one that uses the use of the software. The first consists of pressing a certain sequence of keys, while the second involves the use of free software called SSC Service Utility.

The standard procedure for resetting an Epson printer.

In general, in order to reset an Epson printer, a standard procedure is used, which involves various stages.

The first step is to turn off the appliance with the help of the on / off button. After that, the power cord connected to the electricity must be disconnected as well as that of the computer (this, of course, only applies if the device does not have a Wi-Fi connection).

Once you have performed the above operations, you can reconnect the cable and press the power button again.

If your printer does not have an LCD display, you will need to press a few buttons simultaneously. If, on the other hand, otherwise your own printer has it, it will be possible, through this, to reset the factory settings simply by clicking on the Setup item and then Restore Default Settings.

It is important to also consider that the printer models offered by Epson are manifold and, therefore, each of them is characterized by a specific reset procedure. For this reason, it is always recommended to connect to the main page of the brand site and look for the one in your possession in order to have the opportunity to read the manual to perform the correct recovery procedure. To do this, just click on Assistance and then go to Manuals and documentation: in this section, you will find the related files in PDF format.

The process of resetting an Epson printer using the SSC Service Utility software.

In the event that using the standard procedure just described it was not possible to restore your Epson printer to the factory settings, you can try to do it with that which involves the use of free software called SSC Service Utility.

The aforementioned program, compatible with Windows systems, can be easily downloaded by going to the main page of the Epson website by clicking on the word I agree with all the above statements and want to download software. Once this has been completed, simply click twice with the left mouse button on the relative icon of the sscserve.exe file to start the installation procedure.

In the first window of the program, you will then need to go to Configuration and check whether the model of the printer concerned is already selected on Installed Printers. If it is not already present, in fact, it will be necessary to search for it in the appropriate drop-down menu and select it.

Then, in the Resetter tab, precisely from the menu called Available data for the selected model, you can select the precise code of the device in your possession and then go to Write in order to reset the cartridge. It is essential to remember that this procedure must be strictly performed for all cartridges (both black and color).


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