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Paper jam

The main and general issue with the printer is paper jam, it means that paper is stuck inside the printer and printer is not working.  There are many reasons for paper jam some of them are given below.

Sensor Issue: There is Optical sensor which give command to printer for picking up the paper from paper tray and print. Sometime that sensor doesn’t work and cause paper Jam for the solution for this is call UAE TECH for the professional replacement of sensor.

Pick up roller: It is soft and rubbery surface which pick the paper from paper tray. Sometime dust or dirt in roller cause for paper jam issue. It is very sensitive thing if not done by care then it can head.

Transfer belt:  Transfer belt pick the paper and passes it through each component of hp printer to complete the printing process. Sometime due to dust, dirt or break down of transfer belt cause the Paper Jam. 

Paper Tray:  Sometime putting wrong paper tray to wrong model of hp printer can cause the paper jam and we should clean paper tray time to time to make printing process smoothly.

Size of Paper: Some time wrong size of paper in paper tray cause the paper jam issue.

Ink leakage:  Toner or Ink leakage inside the hp printer could cause paper jam.

Motor Problem:There is a motor inside the printer to move and advance paper from tray to hp printer head for complete the printing process, due to motor sometime paper jam issue occur in hp printer.

Maintenance box: Its stores ink that gets bloomed from the system during print head cleaning. When an ink cartridge is used or the maintenance box is at the finish of its service life, you need to replace it.

Ink or Toner leaking:

Second big problem occurs in hp printer is leaking of ink, reason of leaking problem could be over flow of current, internal Temperature of printer, using of worn out toner, so on but the main reason of it is using Compatible toner or refill toner, refilled toner has higher probability than compatible toner in case of leakage. Sometime to save money we refill the toner excessive than real capacity of the toner which increase the internal pressure and temperature which trigger ink leakage.When using filling ink, some peopleuse smart chip on ink supply system of the printing device so that we can monitor the ink supply properly in toner. This chip shows wrong information about the toner use and cause more damage. Due to ink leakage printer component get damage such as:

Media Tray Issue

Some this message appears on printer screen with a full paper tray it could be a hardware issue or may need to update the drivers. For further assistance contact UAE TECH to number given on our website.

Missing Print

   Missing print while printing some documents may be because of wrong paper size configuration for this check the setting while giving print command or it might be because use of compatible toner.

Toner Light Still On

   Even after you replaced the empty cartridge with new one but stillyou might find the toner light is blinking or continuously on, for that you need to check the chip inserted on printer which use to check the cartridge or need to check the fuser placed on the font of toner. This is common error which you may found in almost all brand. No need to panic just call us for further assistance.

Slow Printing Issue

Sometime printer take time to print than expected time or do not meet the speed given on printer models because of the following reason:

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