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The stances and tips here help you in being compliant with self moderations with personal modesties.

When it comes to maintaining a person’s financial strategy in their life, lack of money problems is very common. There is another factor that is truthful to your pocket. Due to this, a person always dwells with a particular sort of financial problem.

If you wish that the money that comes in your hand, keep it in your hands for a long time. It would be best to make your money work for you and not work for money for life long. If you want this to happen, you must follow the rule of paying yourself first before others.


It means that before you pay for other’s expenses and pay bills, you must pay for your savings and investments first. You have to make this habit your priority then only you can keep your money with you.

When you pay yourself, you will only be able to save money. Once you start inhibiting this habit, this will help you to solve the lack of money problem. This abstract relates to personal finance and its fundamental rule.

When you follow this rule, you will find it simple and effective. It can have therapy to solve the biggest problem of money. Let us first know how it works for you and what implications you would have to cure it.


The rule of paying yourself first is based upon a factor. It is that you must give yourself priority before making any payments and expenses. You must save yourself from supporting your present as well as for your future.

For instance, a person who earns 20 thousand pounds per month decides to pay himself 10% of his total income per month.  According to this rule, as he earns his salary before making any expenses and payment, he will keep 10% of his salary, which is 2500 pounds.

He will use the rest of the 90% money that is 22500 pounds, for paying others/ bills.

With this rule, you will pay an income to yourself first from this coming month that you were not doing earlier. Once you started this self-giving income rule, you will see the creation of an investment portfolio.

This will give you freedom and independence in your financial goals. Furthermore, you can make use of personal loans in Ireland for bad credit. Offered by direct lenders in the UK, these finance products assist you in becoming more independent.

You can follow this rule to get rid of money stress. Thus, you can resolve any problem by making your money a little bit easy to handle.

Paying yourself first rule works on the formula where Mr Warren Buffett talks. There is a logical formula works behind this rule is,

‘Income - saving = Expenses’ means you have to draw a specific amount for savings and investments from your salary. Then, make other expenses. The people having an empty pocket and bank accounts or the people who do not have money in their hands do the opposite of this rule.

These people spend all their money on all activities. They make payments to others and then save the remaining part of their salary with them. Their formula for savings is,

‘Income – expense = savings’, which is an incorrect formula. Because someone thinks that after making expenses from his salary, the remaining part of the money, he will use to save, this is impossible.

If you see, everyone who uses this formula always remains with less money to make expenses for himself or make savings. That person very hardly could save money for his emergency times.

Yet, you can have 24-hour loans in Ireland to resolve the money problem in case of emergencies throughout the day.


Most of us, who struggle financially, pay elsewhere first and d not pay ourselves first. These expenses could be anything. They can be bank loans, monthly instalment, rent, Vegetables, Grocery, Milk, Light and water. Moreover, keep themselves in the last position, mainly internal and external utility bills.

If some amount remains with them, they will then use it to make savings and investments. You already know that you stay with nothing or either with a small amount. It also ventilates in domestic household and any other life’s activities.

These people have to wait for their salaries to come into their hands in the next month. They will start making savings and investments with coming salaries. This is not done to them, and this continues for a very long. That next month never comes when they think about regular savings.

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