How to save water while taking a shower?

How to save water while taking a shower?

Don’t let the water on while applying soap on your body because it takes 30-40 seconds and even more to apply soap on the body. An ordinary shower uses 5-7 litres of water in 30-40 seconds.

We surely waste a lot of water while taking a shower every day. Making minor changes while taking a shower can help us save litres of water every month. From good habits to the latest technology showerheads, everything matters when it comes to saving water.

Turn the water off while applying soap

Don’t let the water on while applying soap on your body because it takes 30-40 seconds and even more to apply soap on the body. An ordinary shower uses 5-7 litres of water in 30-40 seconds. And doing this can help you save at least 5 litres of water every day.

Spend less time under the shower

We all are tired after hectic office shifts and take long showers after the office. This uses litres of extra water and doesn’t help relieve you much in your stress. This is highly recommended not to spend extra time under the shower, which can help you save a lot of water every month.

Install a showerhead that sprays less water with more pressure

The latest technology equipped head showers or hand showers offer better and wider spray while using less water in comparison to the regular showers.

Choose Waterman to install the best and most advanced rain shower systems with handheld water taps that are equipped with water-saving technology.

Don’t open shower until the water gets hot

Most of us open the shower before the water gets hot, which leads to waste a lot of water. We must wait for a minute and then open the tap of the shower.

Our globe is running out of drinking water. The collaborative efforts of the people and the government can only help conserve the groundwater. These are the four most important tips you can take in order to save more than 100 litres of water every week.

Not in India, we need water-saving technology equipped rain shower heads worldwide to maintain the level of groundwater.

You must make your bathroom functional to more practical after adding some must-have accessories. Without spending much, there is a lot you can do to make your bathroom fabulous and practical. The best things about adding accessories to the bathroom do not only add luxury & charm only but also brings functionality to space.

List of top 5 accessories:

Towel Hanging Ring or Bar

You must have a towel ring or rack in your bathroom and it should match up with the interior of your bathroom. Generally, you can opt for chrome towel rings that will match up with all types of bathroom. There are varieties of towel holders that could match up with your bathroom of any style, be it old, contemporary, classic or modern.

Bath Mat

Bath mats should be there on the bathroom floor to soak up the water splashes. Cotton mats are not suggested as a bath mat as they are less durable and practical. You can use mat made of wood, bamboo, polyester, and nylon.

Soap Dispensers

Soap bars and trays have become old as the time has come to welcome soap dispensers to your bathroom. Soap dispensers are available in the varieties of shapes, colours, and styles. Next time you buy soap dispenser or holder, bring stylish ones to your bathroom to keep a great look and does the job as well.

Trash Bucket

Your bathroom should have a trash can or a recycle bin to collect the paper wastes. You can throw tissue paper, soap covers, shampoo bottles, and makeup packaging in the trash bucket of your bathroom. Choose something stylish and matching when buying a trash bucket for your bathroom.

Side Tables

Side tables are considered as one of the most important accessories for your bathroom. Keeping a table beside your bathtub allows you to keep magazines, candles, phone, or flowers on it. It comes out as perfect practical equipment in a bathroom. Besides accessories, you should have high-quality faucets installed in your bathroom to offer a premium look to your bathroom. Choose Waterman high-quality bathroom and kitchen faucets with both single and double hole that offer better durability and functionality in comparison to the ordinary taps and showers.

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