Best Note taking app for students

5 ideal applications for taking notes [Useful and Free Collection]

Note Taking websites for students, you need to know about. Our note-taking app helps you capture and prioritize ideas and projects.

The school and university year has returned, and the summer has already come to an end. Now that it is time to replace the ice cream on the beach with books and exams, we provide you with five great mobile applications to take notes from your favorite device.


The technology currently provides multiple formulas and resources to complete your education with digital support. If you are facing a new university course, you are going to some talk or training, or you plan to study self-taught, and you would like to have online tools to take notes, today we want to recommend a series of useful and free apps.


The best free online course platforms you must work and take notes with the device that you are most accustomed to. While using -mobile, tablet, or computer that you store them in a structured and orderly manner and synchronize your files with your favorite program in the cloud so as not to lose the educational material created.

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5 applications to take notes online

Quickoffice: This useful and straightforward free application allows you to create, edit easily, and view all kinds of Word, Excel or PowerPoint documents, among others. If you want to take notes naturally in an efficient word processor and with a spell checker, it can be your new favorite program, alternative to the Redmond office suite, and compatible with your Android device.

Penultimate: This app works with Evernote, giving you a natural and handwriting experience, full of beneficial editing options for the format to save annotations, photos, and drawings, and share your notes with ease. Also, you can organize the content by folders and labels.

Squid: Formerly known as Papyrus, this application is ideal for taking notes by hand on the mobile device or the tablet, using your fingers, a pointer, or a stylus. You can import images, draw shapes, modify the thickness of the stroke, zoom, add handwritten text, copy and paste content, export notes as PDF or images, and share the letters in the cloud. You can organize notes by notebooks and access numerous shortcuts.

Moleskine Journal: Compatible with Android and iOS, this app is designed to take notes in a more personal way, as a journal of ideas. If you want to use it to have complete records, you will be able to select the “type of paper” -smooth, lined or squared-, import images, synchronize it with Evernote and access the pack of artistic tools or the color picker. You can connect with social networks such as Facebook.

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Simplenote: This application, which has had open-source technology for all platforms since August, is valid for iOS and Android devices but also Mac, Windows, Linux, and Kindles. It works as a practical and straightforward digital notebook, with which you can segment your notes by labels, synchronize your records with various gadgets and opt for unlimited storage.


The best MOOCs and free online courses to learn how to program


Thanks to the most famous MOOC platforms and free online courses such as EdX, Coursera, Tutellus, Miríada X or Udemy, you can, among other things, improve your CV, delve into cultural areas that are of interest to you or renew yourself as a teacher. It should be noted that although they are free online courses for May, the gratuitousness does not in any way diminish their prestige, since they are endorsed by universities such as Princeton, MIT, the Polytechnic of Madrid or Harvard, as well as prestigious business schools.

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