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Exceptionally Useful Certified Translation Services by Assist-NY

Assist-NY is a company offering translation services all over the United States. We have experts delivering quality and accurate translation services.

Assist-NY is a company offering translation services all over the United States. We have experts delivering quality and accurate translation services. The translation is a powerful tool to make your content reach millions around the world. It can be extremely helpful for connecting with the target audience globally. Assist-NY offers translation services in more than 100 languages for almost every industry. Our professional, native and experienced translators deal with the translation of business documents, legal documents, certificates, certified translations, etc. We are an ATA certified agency that offers NDA agreements to make sure the confidentiality, security, and privacy of the original content are retained in translated documents.

Assist-NY is one of the largest multilingual certified translation providers in New York. The need for certified translation is increasing rapidly because of varied procedures that demand authentic results. The certified translated documents are commonly needed for legal procedures, USCIS requirements either for visitor’s permit or visa requirements, for applying to foreign universities and colleges, etc. These and many other situations require certified translation services NYC.


There is a huge list of documents that need certified translation services. Most of these documents are certificates such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, degree certificates, diploma certificates, divorce certificates, etc. Whenever you need to apply for some benefits or licenses in a different country, the certified translated document is required – for cases such as applying for a passport, driving license, enrolling in school or college, etc.

Similarly, certified translation becomes quite essential when it comes to legal matters. Every document, be it a divorce certificate or court documents, be it legal heir or property papers, needs certified translation only.

Legal translation demands for expert and experienced translators. We have legal expert translators for individuals and businesses. Our professional translators can help you going global with speedy communication, as it is one of the most vital factors to be taken care of in case of legal documents. Individuals or companies need someone on their side who can quickly translate the data for them. Another important thing is that the translator needs to be aware of changing business laws and should translate the documents accordingly.

Our translation services are not limited to these industries alone. We serve a wide range of businesses such as: medical, technical, automotive, academic and more. There are multiple benefits that any business can achieve by translating their documents. It can help businesses in providing better and more professional services to the clients, as you have a reliable translation partner to take care of such things. By opting for translation services from Assist-NY, we will be able to reach a wider audience and can meet your targets in the foreign markets as well. Another advantage of having a professional translation agency is that it will maintain the consistency for the language style and tone, which will be marked as the style and tone of your company or business.

Whether you need certified/ notarized document translation services for birth, marriage, or death certificates, legal translations, medical translations, technical translations, academic translations, media translations, official translations, and other industry-specific translations, you can trust us. We are an accredited company that has a huge team of human translators that delivers the best of services in no time. We furnish notarization certificates if you need it. Also, we can hand over the hard copy of the output on demand.

We are a translation company in new york that focuses only on delivering accurate and quality content and that too within the estimated turnaround time. Our multilingual translation services can break all the language and cultural barriers and clears the path of success for you and your business, by making you reach your global target audience.

If you want to know more about Translation Services from Assist-NY, call at the US: 1-866-220-9955; UK: +44-80-8238-0078 and AUS: +61-1-8003-57380 or mail at



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