Process for Company Registration

Procedure for Online Registration of a Company in India

There is only the online process of company registration in India. And the steps involved with the said process are as follows:

  1. Choose a unique name for your company: Only business with a unique name can cross over and get registered as a company. Therefore, think of something unique. It doesn’t have to make sense or make a statement; it just has to be not present in the company name registry. Conduct a company name search to check the uniqueness of the company’s name.
  2. Gather the required documents for company registration: You are required to photocopy, sign, scan and upload the following documents:
    1.  Identity proof of all the directors and shareholders of the company.
    2. Address proof of all the directors and shareholders of the company.
    3. Address proof of registered office of the company.
    4. A power of attorney authorizing the authorized signatory to sign the documents and file the application on your behalf.
  3. Get DSC and DIN: Digital Signature Certificate is required to file the application online. It authenticates the documents you’ve uploaded let’s you sign your documents. The DIN or director identification number is issued to the aspiring company directors by the Ministry of corporate affairs.
  4. File the RUN application: The name you’ve chosen for your company has to be approved of and reserved so that another doesn’t take it. File a RUN application to Reserve the Unique Name of your company.
  5. Draft MOA and AOA: Draft a Memorandum of Association, a document that details the objective of the company along with other information about the directors, shareholders, and capital invested, share subscriptions and address of the company. Afterwards, draft Articles of Association, a document that specifies the rules and regulations that the company is choosing to abide by.
  6. File the online application of company registration: SPICe form is what’s used to file the company registration application. Go to MCA website to file the said application. Upload the documents when you’re asked.

After you’ve filed the application, the Registrar of companies will scrutinize it thoroughly. If he/she sees any mistake in your application, you’ll have to rectify them ASAP. If not, you’ll receive Certificate of Incorporation, the proof that you’ve established your company.

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