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Why You Should Bet On This Year Indian Premier League

Betting has always considered a negative expression, but one cannot deny that it has been in our culture for ages. Recent development has changed the concept of betting making it acceptable for others. Fantasy sports have exceeded the term betting and made it famous amongst millennials and generation-z.

Coming on to the 13th season of the Indian Premier League is about to start within a month. Everyone is eagerly waiting for this tournament to begin so that they can have some good time and enjoy this with all family. Otherwise, there is nothing in this year to be cheer about. COVID-19 has certainly ruined this year. The fact that the IPL is about to happen brings a lot of joy amidst Indians, and curiosity to watch MS Dhoni playing again will increase the rating points. To be clear, he hasn’t played any first-class cricket since the ICC World Cup 2019, in which India lost the semi-final against New Zealand.

Assistance at Your Service

If I am not wrong, many people have already started preparing their strategies and planning on betting using Playclues cricket betting prediction and tips. Yes, is a perfect platform to learn and start betting. They have genuine predictions and suggestions which are very helpful and useful while planning and strategy are making. Not just the IPL, they cover all the cricket tournaments happening around the world, including all the ODI’s, Test Matches, and t20 matches followed by ICC Cricket World Cup. You can also receive online cricket betting predictions over your mobile phone. Visit their website

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This year’s IPL is in UAE since India is still recovering from COVID-19, and it can be a massive risk if BCCI organizes it at home. As a cricket bettor, you may have knowledge about Indian pitches and weather conditions, but outside India, you need assistance to help you plan for the game, and there hence comes the Playclues to play an important role.

Cricket Betting Tips for Newbie

A new bettor or wanna be a bettor has a lot of questions in their mind when it comes to starting betting, such as how to start? What should I know before I start betting? etc., etc., but has made their best effort to teach you about online cricket betting, they provide all the necessary specifics and data so that you quickly understood the concept.

They are continuously working along with their cricket experts using advanced tech such as AI to analyse the data, doing math multiple times just to be sure that their prediction is precise and gives desired results.

Betting is not the same as you have known with the help of high tech. The winning ratio has increased to a new top, and a lot of people are making money out of it. So stop thinking much about it and just for once visit the website if you still have any doubts to clarify.

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