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Why Custom Printed Boxes Are Better Than Simple One

Custom boxes are the best way to give your customer a positive experience and perception of your company. Custom boxes not only makes your customer feel valuable and happy but also help in marketing your company.

To make it all better and easier, printed custom boxes are an inexpensive and effective way to give value to your company brand, attract customers and help them easily reach and recognize your brand. Printing adds to the value of your customer box and gives your brand an extra edge.

Think about the time when you ordered something online. Did you notice the box it was delivered in? You might not remember it if it was a simple plain box with nothing on it. but if it was a custom printed box with brand’s logo on it, it stayed in your memory and you surely remember the experience you had while opening it. Custom printed boxes add to the value of the product that is enclosed in it.

Custom printed boxes give your brand a recognition in the eyes of the customer and make them remember your company. Rather than sending them the product in the plain box, you have a printed packaging to stand out in the market and make yourself professional. So, some companies stick to elegantly designed custom boxes whereas some take a step further by adding beautiful print on it to reinforce the quality of your brand. The color and print added to the box gives it an extra edge.

So, how do the custom printed boxes benefit your business outcome better than the simpler one? Here are a few things that are well affected when you use custom printed boxes:

Brand Awareness


If your brand’s logo is printed on the side of the box, it speaks for it wherever the box goes. Just think about how much quicker and immediate impression is when you see a logo on a highway billboard, or on a banner and you have that same logo in your hand printed on the box you carry. Also, wherever the box goes, people get aware of your brand.

Different And Unique


Getting print on your custom boxes make you as unique as it can be. You can have the creative print, colors on it and make it represent your brand. Think about a box you received, it is creative, unique with smooth colors and logo on it, you will admire it and remember it as a good experience. Now compare that experience to a plain box with nothing printed on it. Will it give a similar experience? Of course not.

You can make your brand’s perception unique and different by choosing a unique printing design.

Technical Knowledge


Custom printed boxes sometimes give you the knowledge about the product that the product itself can’t give. The product’s specifications, weight, usage, and other technical information make it a lot more interesting at once.

It is common human psychology that when the customer gets to know detailed information about the product, he is more likely to buy it again from the same brand. The more information you give, the more they feel good about the product and your brand. Not only the customer, the people who get to see the box also feel interested at once.

Eco-Friendly Marketing


Another way of earning the loyalty of your customer is to brag about your brand being eco-friendly by having eco-friendly custom boxes. You give them boxes that are 100% recyclable, you earn their trust by showing that your company is green and eco-friendly. This is another way of showing your customers that you care about the things they care about.

Future Orders Information


If you want to make it easy for your customer to order again, just put the necessary information on the custom cardboard boxes. You can give information about other products, your company, instructions on how to order again, website URLs, and just any information that might help in re-ordering. The easier they find to order new stuff, the more they are likely to order again.

Benefits For Retailer


With plain boxes, the retailer will waste so much time and energy in unboxing the product and displaying it on the shelf. However, beautifully printed custom printed boxes make it easy for the retailer to display them on the shelf. These boxes display the product themselves and don’t need to be unboxed.

The right custom printed boxes carry branding benefits for both the supplier and retailer. The supplier will automatically have their product and their brand being seen and noticed by the traffic in the retailer’s store and the retailer will get benefit by giving a trusted product with logo and image to the customer thus making them entrusted.

In any case, custom printed boxes have a variety of advantages over the simpler ones. The simple ones bear no knowledge and information about the brand thus give no such experience to its receiver. However, the printed ones carry your brand image wherever they go and give a positive experience to its receiver.

The custom printed boxes not only bring a wonderful brand awareness but also they make your customer trust you and shop from you again and again. Recommendations matter a lot especially when they come from a person who is already using the brand he is recommending. So, in all cases, printed custom boxes benefit your company. Why not put a little extra amount and get plenty of benefits

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