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How To Shop LED TV At BD

Even if somebody has these electronic devices in their residence, they should be replaced with their advanced variants. If we talk about television afterward, Television is the most trending thing in the electronic section of online shopping.

Bangladesh is becoming digital year by year, and in this technological era, everybody in this country wants to add the latest and advanced appliances for their residence. Some of the popular digital appliances which people want to store are air conditioners, LED TVs, High-end washing devices and air cleaners, etc.

Even if somebody has these electronic devices in their residence, they should be replaced with their advanced variants. If we talk about television afterward, Television is the most trending thing in the electronic section of online shopping.

Can you also want to shop for an LED TV but confused about which one is better for you? Well, you aren't alone; thousands of shoppers feel the same. So, what's the clarification?

The clarification is most suitable in front of your eyes, my friend. Yes, you right. This guidebook is the answer. I've served this detailed guide based on the extensive research I did. It will provide you the complete knowledge about the best-LED TV Brands in Bangladesh, the ideal area to shop LED TV on the internet, LED Screen Types, Screen Resolutions of LED TV, Sound Quality, Connectivity, Top LED TV figures, and various added.

Kindly devote a couple of minutes to read this LED TV shopping guide; I am pretty sure you would be able to choose the perfect LED Television for your house.

Which LED TV Screen Size Should I Shop?

Make it easy for you. Stick to this table to decide what LED TV display size you want. The first thing that pops in your mind when you want to shop for LED TV is the television's size. LED TVs are available in a variety of sizes, but that is best for you.

That depends on three variables:

- The dimensions of your room

- Seeing Space

- The type of content you see

Opening of all, you have to study at your room's dimension and select from what range you're going to view the television. Then you have to verify what quality of material you want to watch.

Shop by Screen Size

If you have a smaller room, then the viewing distance would be shorter, and if you've got a large room, then the viewing space would be more. Watch television from a space where it is easy to read text. While watching a football game, you ought to be able to read the score.

Depending on you should decide what screen size is excellent for you.

If you’re thinking of purchasing a 60-inch big television for your small size bedroom, then I wouldn't recommend it. A 60-inch television is more suitable for larger rooms. Similarly, if you opt to find a 32 inch LED television for your big room with a viewing distance of over 10 feet, then it might be a terrible choice. A 32-inch tv will perform much better in a bit of room.

So, you may see that television's right size with the proper viewing distance is a very significant element. You have to pay attention to this before making a television purchase in Bangladesh.

What is the most excellent Resolution for LED TV?

Here's a quick and easy explanation of television screen resolutions. Television display resolution is another essential aspect that needs to be thought about before getting an LED Television. There are various resolutions out there from the LED televisions in Bangladesh, but you have to look for the proper resolution.

Level 1: At Now, most of the DTH services are supplying HD and complete HD content to their clients in Bangladesh. Consequently, if you're planning on watching TV, then 720p and 1080p resolution is your best option, do not shop 4K resolution television in this circumstance.

Level 2: If you plan on watching tv via online streaming solutions afterward, 1440p and 2160p resolutions are good. These services deliver 4k content that can readily be dealt with by top-end LED TVs. However, it would help if you considered that the internet connection rate in many parts of Bangladesh could not stream 4k quality content.

You will find majorly two types of LED screens popular in Bangladesh. Edge back and lit, most television manufacturers use both kinds of display technology to create LED televisions. The majority of the people in Bangladesh may not care about this variable while shopping for an LED TV, but some tech geeks will check this.

Now let us check these two display technology in detail.

Edge-Lit Display:

In edge-lit television, the lights are put throughout the television's perimeter that makes it shine more when you watch tv from the center. All these types of LED TVs consume less electricity because there is more miniature LEDs from the television. This type of television model is relatively more affordable than the other type of models.

Backlit Display:

This is the second variety of television technology that's available in Bangladesh. Within this kind of television, lights are placed behind the screen. This way, the supply of lighting is uniform, and it provides better contrast; however, LED TV that uses this technology is costlier.

LED TV Audio Quality

An HD movie with poor sound quality is only a bad movie experience. That is why it is required to get the best sound for your LED TV. I would recommend you to go for TVs that support Dolby Digital surrounded sound.

Some television includes Dolby + DTS technology, which takes the music experience to an entirely new level. Considering the above choices, there are essentially three things that you ought to consider for better audio quality.

Speaker Output

Speaker Output or sound output ought to be good enough to supply the best sound. If you're planning to get a 40-inch tv, then 15W audio output would be better. If you're thinking of buying giant television, then around 25 W speakers output signal is a preferable choice.

Position of Speakers

In most of the prominent speakers, televisions are mounted at the bottom; in some versions, it is possible to locate them at the front. Front-mounted speakers offer the best sound quality. However, thinner LED TV delivers the speakers at the base. In this situation, please mount the tv on the wall so that audio reaches every corner of the room.

Adjustment of Noise excellent

All places are changed, in terms of dimension, the number of items in it, amount of glasses, etc. So, it would help if you had to fine-tune the sound output according to the surroundings. Standard customization of sound will give more excellent sound quality.

What is Connectivity Options Available in LED TVs?

Main Connectivity Characteristics offered by LED TV: HDMI, USB, Wi-Fi, Built-in Chrome throw, etc. LED televisions in Bangladesh offer various connectivity options. Most smart televisions have HDMI and USB interfaces to help you connect with external monitors and USB drives. In addition to this, most bright LED TVs are equipped with Wi-Fi to assist you in connecting with the worldwide Web. Also, many LED TV models allow you to navigate sites.

You can join your TV to the Web utilizing a Wi-Fi system. Each Samsung smart television has Wi-Fi. Without it, it cannot connect to a network. Through screen mirroring, it is possible to link your iPhone to an intelligent television.

Many LED TV brands in Bangladesh and every brand producers LED TVs based on customer's wants and desires. Almost every television brand makes higher-end televisions and lower-end televisions to target every sort of consumer.

Recently Years, several new manufacturers have entered into tv market to compete with existing ones. The outcome, when you check online for the best television brands, a pile of titles comes up. However, not every manufacturer is the best. I am listing the top LED TV brands of Bangladesh; these brands provide excellent high television with a world-class screen.

Shop from Top Brands


If you’re high on budget, then this intelligent television may be the most acceptable alternative for you. With Dolby Digital's caliber of sound and application of clear phase viewing technologies, Samsung takes your expertise to an entirely new level. Samsung LED TV also includes photo and Wi-Fi sharing choices that make things smoother for you.


This is another wise television manufacturer in Bangladesh that provides Dolby digital sound and the ability to operate on the internet. The LED television brand offers electricity-saving abilities in its television, and also, the plan of the television is very mesmerizing as well.

Others brands

Others brands Offer low-budget LED TVs with excellent quality. This brand May Be a very Fruitful option for you whether you're a first-time LED TV shopper who doesn't want to spend much money on television. The other brands' plan is unique, and its programs make it an appealing shop-capable option. You can play some fascinating games too on this television.



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