To stop negative self-talk, you should breathe, find out the cause and stop expecting perfection and complete smooth life.

Have you ever found yourself talking to yourself? Self-task is normal to some extent whether you speak out loud or talk to yourself in your head, but as you know excess of everything is terrible, self-talk can take a toll on your mental and physical health if it is frequently negative.

Life is full of obstacles that are out of your control. For instance, the circumstances you are born into, emergencies you are unprepared for, and unforeseen events, but there is one thing you have control over – your thoughts. A thought can shatter and transform you, and therefore you should have a positive mindset.

The negative self-talk leads to stress, anxiety and depression. It decreases the level of motivation and increases feelings of depression. It is crucial to have control over your thoughts if you want to live a good life. Negative thoughts and feelings can do significant damage – visible or invisible – therefore, it is crucial to keep them as minimum as possible.

Of course, it is much easier said than done, but the following ways can help you overcome negative self-talk.

Identify if it is your own voice.

If it is not your audible sign, now can be the time to consult a psychiatrist as you might be suffering from a psychological issue. If it is your voice, you will be thinking and saying consciously.

If you feel that you have no clue about what the voice will say next, you may have a mental disorder like schizophrenia, psychosis and severe depression. Other symptoms of such a medical condition can be experiencing different visions, voices, and scents that you feel are real but are not.

Experiencing such kind of voices can affect your day-to-day life. You will lose your motivation level, and you will become isolated. If you experience any of the psychological issues, you should immediately contact a psychiatrist.

Examine the type of your self-talk

It is crucial to identify the content of self-talk.

  • Do you recall what happened throughout the day?
  • Are you planning something?
  • Are you singing a song?
  • Do you recall a scene of your favourite movie or comedy show?

Self-talk is not necessarily a bad thing. It is suitable for psychological health. Please focus on the chain of your thoughts to organise them. Self-talk is necessary especially when you have to make a decision, for instance, whether you should buy a gift or not, whether you should take out a loan or not, whether to borrow money from CurrentFinanceLoans or Recent Finance.

Positive self-talk can be favourable because it can boost your motivation and keep your mood light. If you get stuck with negative thoughts, you will slag you off. If you do not overcome your thoughts, you will be habitual of ruminating negative thoughts.


One of the most common reasons for being stuck in the cycle of negative thoughts is you are overwhelmed by your emotions. You feel bad about yourself as you have recently faced failure when you are desperate to control the situation, even though you know that it is not possible.

Fear grips you and makes you feel that you will fail no matter what you do. As negative thoughts start to hit your mind, you should take a deep breath. It will help slow down your palpitation and cortisol hormone. Divert your mind to get out of that atmosphere.

For instance, you can watch something funny and cook your favourite dish. The other way to let up the negative impact of such thoughts is jotting them down.

Find out the cause

If you want to get rid of negative self-though, you need to find out the cause. What is the reason that evokes negative thoughts in your mind?

  • Are you afraid of something?
  • Do you lack self-confidence?
  • Have you faced failure recently?
  • Are you depressed?
  • Have you lost your beloved ones lately?

You must figure out the reason why such depressing thoughts are creeping in. You should know from where these thoughts coming. You are likely facing out of fear. You have doubts about your ability and skills, and this is why you are pessimistic.

If you are sceptical about your abilities because of recent failure, tell yourself that everyone fails. You are not alone. After finding the cause of negative thoughts, it will be easier to address them.

Do not expect perfection and hassle-free life.

Live is filled with numerous challenges and obstacles. You are wrong if you expect your life to be completely hassling free. Every problem has a solution, so keep your thoughts in the direction of finding solutions instead of beating yourself up.

If something goes wrong, you do not need to cogitate about that because you cannot go back in the time to rectify things. Instead, you should try not to commit those mistakes. If you start doubting yourself, think that nobody is perfect and nobody can be perfect. Flaws and failure are part of life. If you embrace them bravely, you will feel encouraged to keep moving ahead.

Negative self-talk can be harmless as it can lead to severe depression. Try to identify the cause of negative thoughts and control them by diverting your mind at that moment. As long as you keep your thinking positive, you can easily tackle negative self-talk.

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