Technology Helping Business

How Technology Can Help Your Small Business Succeed

Technology has introduced new ways to ensure business success. It has facilitated a variety of tasks and improved the efficiency of processes.

Technology has made its way in every sector. Even the packaging businesses can't remain away from their influence. With time, the manufacturers are making technological advancements to design their custom packaging exceptional. The exciting innovations, focusing on marketing, interactive labeling, and protecting the environment have transformed the future of packaging. They have changed the way businesses design their custom boxes. First the packaging was considered just a means to protect the products but now the customers and the businesses demand much more. By analyzing the rise in technology and change in global packaging trends, we can get a glimpse that how our custom product packaging will look like in the upcoming decades. Here we are going to highlight how technology can help in the success of small businesses:

• Corrugated Packaging rules the Industry from Centuries:

The future of corrugated product packaging boxes looks bright. They are ruling the industry for years and the trend is going to increase further. The corrugated packaging had a value of $155 billion in 2017, which is expected to get double by 2025, with a compounded annual growth rate of 4.6%. This massive growth is attributed to an increase in its demand across all custom packaging companies. They are experimenting with different box packaging ideas to satisfy the consumers and meet market challenges. Corrugated packaging is a low cost. Even the small scale businesses can afford it easily. It is the more advanced form of custom cut cardboard boxes. The corrugated packaging is designed by sandwiching a fluted layer of cardboard in between two straight layers. To increase its compression strength the horizontal edges of a corrugated folding box are perforated while vertical edges are chemically treated. Such type of durable packaging is a big win for all industries globally.

• Sustainability has Brought Technological Changes:

In the coming ten years, eco-friendly packaging initiatives will become stronger than ever. The increase in environmental concerns has forced the packaging box manufacturers to explore different alternatives. This creates a sense of higher responsibility across the entire packaging sector. Current practices include reducing waste; minimize the use of raw material to design package boxes, efficient use of box space, decrease in carbon footprint, and upcycling. Sustainability not only benefits the planet but it is worth considering for businesses as well. The manufacturing cost of cardboard boxes is less. If you go for recycling you can save a large number of resources and utilize them somewhere else. In addition to cardboard, the packaging firms are working on other alternatives like compostable plastics, and fiber-based material. Especially their application is increasing across the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical sector. Such packaging is getting more in demand over time.

• Smart Packaging:

It is also known as intelligent or active packaging. This technology is experimenting an enormous growth these days. Even smaller businesses are trying to incorporate it into their wholesale product packaging. According to the latest Research, smart packaging revenues were $10.8 billion in 2015 with an expectation to reach $26.7 billion by 2024. According to consumers, smart packaging offers several value-added benefits. It enhances the unboxing experience, creates eye-catching visuals, and increases product preservation, authentication, and connectivity. It has opened new ways of communication for the world. The customers just have to scan the label on custom made boxes for products or other types of packaging. This directs them to the brand's website where they can fetch hundreds of details in no time. Such type of interactive packaging has highly influenced the businesses worldwide.

• Robotics:

Robots are one of the biggest technological advancements across the packaging industry. The ability of robotic arms to sort different items and pack them into wholesale small boxes has made them a preferred choice among the manufacturers and retailers. It ensures quick and accurate delivery. Robots are versatile in tasking. They can separate different types of items and packaging according to your requirement. For example, if hundreds of auto lock boxes and box die cuts are mixed, the robot can easily separate them in piles. They can be positioned and replaced for different jobs, and the system can be reprogrammed to change the packing functions. Mobile robotic platforms have led to huge efficiency improvements. The developments in sensors and computer vision help in monitoring the performance of the robotic packaging. In addition to it, the latest technology has also caused the automation of a variety of machinery. First the tasks which were done manually and required a large workforce can be done more efficiently by using machines. This has improved the output and speed to market. Some of the commonly used machines in small scale packaging business are custom box making machines, gluing and taping machines, corrugators, and conveyors, etc. The conveyors move bulky material or cardboard packaging boxes wholesale from one place to another. They are effective and efficient and are used in nearly all industries.

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