How to Take Notes in the Classroom? 8 Tips to Put into Practice Immediately

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Can't you take notes? Let us help you find the most suitable technique for you. Notes taken well in class can significantly reduce the time spent studying at home because they allow you to fix the main concepts of the lesson and provide valuable support to guide the afternoon study.

As we all know, in fact, taking notes is a real race against time, in order to be able to capture the greatest amount of information very quickly. It is necessary, therefore, to be very focused, attentive, to be in a comfortable position to write. Taking notes, however, is not as simple as it may seem, and therefore some tips may be useful. Don’t forget to take a look at them.

1. There is no single method

But is there a definitive technique to summarize on paper the fundamental concepts of the discourse we are listening to or of the reading we are doing to then be able to read them again at the right moment and have an overview of the ideas that have been exposed in the past by someone? The answer is no, because each of us has a different way of learning and storing information. However, there are some good tips that can help you develop your technique.

2. Use the right tools

Following a speech or a lesson without paper and pen is like going to war without weapons: defeat is assured. Choose the right pen for your calligraphy and for your hand: if you write small, choose fine-tipped pens if you write big choose a pen from the thickest line. Color also has its importance: choose the one that tires you the least (blue or black it is) and use other colors, without exaggerating, to highlight the key points or the beginning of a new topic. The use of highlighters is welcome as long as you know how to use them to highlight the key points even if the notes are not very useful as they should contain the key points and little else so you risk highlighting so much, sometimes too much.

3. Don't pen it all down

Try to write everything but not too much. The notes, in fact, must be an aid capable of not making us forget the important concepts of a lesson, a speech or a reading. It is therefore not the transcription of what the professor said or a copy of what we are reading. In doing so, a lot of writing energy is wasted, and in most cases, you lose the thread of the conversation, unless your professor is making you do a dictation exercise!

If your teacher is telling the requirements of an assignment, don’t forget to write it down. You will face no difficulty while doing your assignments. But if you face any kind of difficulty, you can always reach out to an assignment writing service provider and ask Do my assignment cheap UK’.

4. Important to report figures and dates

It is important, however, not to forget to write any information that is difficult to memorize, such as figures, proper names, dates. Not always, in a hurry, you can grasp all the details, indeed, often even the sense of a general concept is lost. Not being able to recover the thread of the speech due to lack of time, one immediately signs what the doubts or misunderstandings are, perhaps leaving a blank space and noting a question mark in the margin of the sheet.

5. Register, a good choice

The widespread distribution of smartphones with voice recorder can give real help. In fact, once the lessons were recorded and you have to listen to them all in full. The transcription can last even twice the recording time. Well, today it is not necessary to listen to the whole lesson again, but only the points that were not understood or the phases in which we lost the professor. How to do? It is simple, when these situations occur, look at the time on the reader display and mark it on the sheet. So when you're going to listen to the recording again, you will only have to deal with the offending pieces. 

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