Most useful tips to score well in 10th maths

It is essential to have a strong base on the maths and science subjects for those students who aspire for professional courses. Both the JEE main exams and NEET Questions are mainly based on the CBSE board syllabus.

It is essential to have a strong base on the maths and science subjects for those students who aspire for professional courses. Both the JEE main exams and NEET Questions are mainly based on the CBSE board syllabus. And the students who are week in the math portion should concentrate more on those sections in the lower classes onwards. As the first step towards this, one can lay a strong foundation in maths in their 10th grade.

Exam Preparation Tips

  • Maths is not a subject to by heart. Through some logical reasons, equations and steps only you can reach the final answer. The regular practice only will help to get through with the subject. So try to solve a set of questions regularly to be in touch with the subject. Once you find fun in maths the problem solving will be a craze to you.
  • Make a strict time table or study plan for maths according to the class 10 CBSE maths study material. Try to follow the timetable strictly and don’t skip any topic because it is difficult to solve.
  • Never skip the NCERT portions as they will strongly influence the board exam papers. Try out all the solved and practice questions in the NCERT book and all the questions in the exam will be similar or a variant of these questions.
  • Try out several mock tests on maths. Either chapter wise or as a whole. Also, go through the previous year question papers. These things will increase the speed of you and make you familiar with this type of question.
  • Whenever writing the maths exam, don’t forget to write the headings and subheadings in a proper manner especially in theorems and proofs.
  • Do the charts and graphs neatly, wherever required and mention the units properly and try to maintain the legibility.


How to Solve Maths Board Exam Paper?

  1. In the first run try to solve out all the easy questions. It is better to maintain the correct order of the questions by leaving proper space for the un-attempted questions.
  2. Never spend a lot of time in a single question; instead, go ahead with other questions and make a revisit.
  3. In the second run, try to attempt the doubtful questions. A brainstorming through the basics will do the tricks.
  4. Try to relate the very difficult questions with the ones you solved in the study material for the CBSE class 10 maths. You may get some clue about that and try to proceed.
  5. Never leave any questions un-attempted, as there is no negative marking system. Analyze the questions and figure out the given data and try to make the answer out of it. It may pull out some marks for the question.

The knowledge of a student can be enhanced by practicing more and more. This can be assisted by e-learning. It is getting popular day by day because of the services it provides. E-learning can be very beneficial for students as it provides study material that can help you to score better in the examinations. A simple thumb rule for scoring better marks in board examination is to practice consistently so that the mistakes can be improved, and the weaker areas can be improved as well. The e-learning apps also give you a platform where you can demand help anytime you feel that you are stuck in a problem. You can connect with the best teachers in the nation without stepping out of your home.

The models provided can be used to gain more knowledge in the field as they contain objective questions that may be asked in the board examinations. These questions have been frequently asked in the past 10 years of examinations hence considered as important. Important notes are also provided as study material and can be used very wisely during tests and preparation to estimate yourself and also to remember things clearly and quickly by reading them again and again because reading the whole book is hard. There is always a possibility that these study materials might show you the way out of the trouble if you solve them with complete honesty with yourself. Many students and parents have rated these study materials as very helpful which makes them worth a try.

Winding up,

Knowing the importance of the board exams in class 10, no one can leave the mark scoring subjects like maths and science untouched. The proper base on these subjects, especially maths will be greatly helpful in future learning too.

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