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How to use DishPal

DishPal is an online and app-based, Local food-ordering and delivery system. It works with any restaurant that signs up to offer orders through it. Drivers get paid to pick up and drop off food, if a customer needs it. Or, the app can be used to pre-order take-out before arriving at a restaurant, to save time.


How to use DishPal

Part 1: Initial Setup

Download and install the DishPal app. It can be found on both the Google Play Store on Android and the Apple App Store on iOS.
Create and configure your account. You have the option to link your Facebook, Google, or Apple account, or you may make a DishPal account with an email address. Input your name, password, phone number, and email address.
App settings allow you to update your user's information, suitable notifications for order and order update and save multiple addresses.
Confirm your address. Your phone's GPS will estimate your location. Type in your phone home address or move the pin around your adjustment ..
Part 2: Placing an order
Pick a restaurant. The app home page displays all outlet that are currently open for delivery/pickup.  Tap on a restaurant to view its menu.
The search bar allows you to narrow the list down to specific cuisines and food types.
You’ll have the option to turn on/off veg dishes
You can choose to sort the listings based on DishPal Score, estimate time of arrival, delivery fee, and offers.
Browse through the menu. The menu screen lists all available items, their descriptions, photos, and prices.
Choose the items you want to order. Tap on an item to view it in more detail. Specify the quantity and any special instructions. Tap Add to order when satisfied to add it to your cart.
The special instructions text field allows you to request changes to that item (for instance, "no sauce"). If you have any food allergy or ingredients, then you can telland write. 
Some restaurants let you make modifications to an item directly.  For example, if you're ordering a pizza from a fast-food restaurant, tapping that item allows you to customize your pizza toppings, substitute a salad instead of fries, 

Review your order and check out. Tap on View order. This screen shows everything you've ordered relted summary. You can tap on an item to change it if required, remove, or add orders. When you are satisfied, tap Checkout.
Verify the checkout information. This screen is where you double-check the information necessary for your order to be delivered.
After you order, first check whether you say that the order is delivered to your doorstep or you will pick it up from the restaurant yourself.
Select the order time. ASAP implies the request will be set and arranged promptly as per the café's expressed assessed time. You can likewise pre-request for conveyance/pickup sometime in the future, 
Check the conveyance area. You may likewise incorporate exceptional driving guidelines for the messenger to follow (for example a bell code or unit number).
your wish how much you'd like to tip the courier boy. 100% of your tip goes to the courier and DishPal never takes a cut.
Optionally, add a voucher or promo code for discounts.
Select your payment method. DishPal supports Visa, MasterCard, and American Express cards, as well as Google Pay and Apple Pay. Input your card number, expiry date, and CVV (3-4 digit security code). You can save this card on your account for next time. When satisfied, tap Select payment.
You can also choose to redeem your DishPal points (requires the most latest app update) for discounts on your order. Otherwise, the "Don't use points" option is enabled by default.
Place the order. Once everything looks Right, tap Place order to send it off to the outlet. You should receive a confirmation email shortly.

Part 3: Tracking your order

Wait for the restaurant to confirm the order. Once it's confirmed, the restaurant will begin its preparation. At this time, the app screen will change to a map with an estimated time for delivery.
Track your order's progress. Once your order is almost prepared, the app will assign a nearby courier. You'll receive updates on the status of your order and see the order delivery time The map view allows you to track in real-time the location of your courier as he/she drives.
Meet the courier. Shortly before the courier's estimated arrival time, you should receive a notification giving you a head's up.If you've written down particular tips for the driver, he/she will try to follow them.
If you have chosen to pick it up at the order yourself, you'll instead receive a notification indicating the order is almost ready. When you arrive at the restaurant, let the staff know you are picking up an online order through DishPal and give your order number or phone number.
Give feedback on the restaurant and courier. Although this is entirely optional, providing a brief review helps to improve the experience for other customers. 

DishPal is not responsible for any food preparation. This mistake in the restaurant. As such, make sure you disclose any food allergies restrictions when placing your any order.
Any orders containing alcohol should be age-verified with the courier. The legal drinking age in Canada is 18 in the some provinces; and 19 in the rest of the states and territories. If you have ordered alcohol, you will need to show a government photo ID to the courier, with the name on your ID matching the name on your order. If the courier is unable to verify your age and ID, the order won't be delivered and you'll be subject to a fee.

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