Guide on How to Use Sydney Chefs App Effectively

Do you want to know how to use E-mycook, a unique chef app? Read on to know this.

So, your passion lies in cooking. You spent your leisure time in search of new recipes. And when in the kitchen, you prepare it in your own way by experimenting with ingredients and cooking styles. Your friends and dear ones praise you numerous times for your culinary skills. Then, why to restrict your talent within the four walls of your house, showcase it by letting your neighbours satiate their taste buds with delectable dishes.

How to make that possible? Well, E-mycook, an exclusive Sydney chefs app will help you with this. Irrespective of whether you prepare food to relieve stress and hone and creativity or you are a professional cook, now, you can transform your personal kitchen into a chef’s works station and make money from home with E-mycook.

Are you going to use it for the first time and wondering how to do so? Here is a guide for you -

  1. Download and register as a cook

To use E-mycook, the first thing that you need to do is to download the app. If you have an android device, then you will download it from the Google Play Store, while for an iOS device, you will download it from the App Store. Once you install the app, the next step will be to register yourself as a cook with your name, a strong password and your email id. A verification email will be sent to your mentioned it, click on it to verify your account.

  1. Enter the required details

After verification when you enter into E-mycook, you will require to enter your details as a cook from the Manage Account section.  It includes your date of birth, phone number, address, city, state, postal code, etc. Besides, for receiving payment properly, you should include your bank account number and BSB code. Moreover, you will enter the nationality of your cuisine, such as American, Australian, Canadian, Thai, Chinese, Dutch, etc., along with the food description, rate and cooking time. Then, agree to provide a Food Safety Supervisor certificate and save your details.

  1. Chat and create order

In this stage, you will turn on your GPS to find chat requests from your neighbourhood and community. Check the requests to know what kind of foods your customers are looking for. If required, you can ask them to describe their needs briefly along with mentioning the quantity. You can also ask further questions when needed. Once you have a clear idea about the kind of food your customer wants to have, create an order from your end.

  1. Get paid and start preparation

After creating an order, ask the customer to make the payment. Your customer will use the credit card and make the payment directly to your bank account. Once you receive the payment, start your preparation for the food. After completing it, deliver it to your customer.

After going through the mentioned-details, you can understand that using E-mycook is easy. You just need to follow a few steps for this. So, to start your cook’s journey with technology, download E-mycook today!

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