How to Use Facebook Ads To Keep Your Business Safe During COVID-19

Throughout February and March, huge gatherings began to be terminated in Australia because of the spread of COVID-19, this resulted in trade events were terminated which are generally a vital way to secure orders from stores for the upcoming time.

As March moved on, non-essential stones had to close because of the stay-at-home order set up by the Australia government, which means stores also terminated their orders.

Facing a decrease in sales revenue within a month, wholesalers needed to reinvent itself, and promptly.

Because of how quickly it is possible to scale with Facebook Ads, sales revenue levels soon came back on track after the move from wholesale to retail.

Continue reading to understand the strategies to accomplish that.

The Challenge

Around the world, several countries are applying stay-at-home orders to a higher or lower extent to reduce activity and slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

This has resulted in unexpected and remarkable changes for retail stores, most of which have had to shut, except they are mainly selling necessary products like groceries.

When retail stores are stop trading, this also affects the wholesalers who supply them.

Besides, the trade events where retailers get their orders for the following part have been terminated, creating blank wholesale order books for the near time to come.

With an unexpected fall in wholesale orders, they moved to a direct-to-consumer eCommerce strategy and utilized Facebook Ads to drive visitors.

The Chance

The wholesaler businesses already have an eCommerce website, which utilized as a catalog for the wholesale side of the business as well as took only a few retail orders.

eCommerce website works nearly with Facebook, which implies everything needed to perform ads like Facebook pixel tracking and product catalogs had been set up.

Combined with the eCommerce website, a Facebook page, and the Instagram account was already being utilized for organic posting plus some low-cost ads were previously being run for brand awareness, this switched to purchase focused ads very fast and simple.

Deciding on Which Products to Promote

The goal was to increase sales as fast as possible, which designed there wouldn’t be period to evaluate ad campaigns for each from the huge selection of products listed on the website.

As a substitute, there were to create educated guesses in regards to what products to advertise first.

While limitations on outdoor activities in Australia increased because of COVID-19, sales of household items higher and purchases of items created to be applied away from home reduced.

Re-advertising With Active Product Ads

Facebook ads are ideal for creating a lot of website visitors and product views, however, not every person buys instantly. Re-advertising ads give potential customers a reminder to return and finish their purchase.

In the spirit of developing very effective ads as fast as easy, active product ads were an organic suit to ensure Facebook users would view the similar product they viewed online. A variety of eCommerce applications is available to automatically synchronize the website product list to Facebook.

Provide a coupon code is beneficial when re-advertising to motivate prospective customers to return and finish their orders.


What type of audience needs to use for your first cold traffic strategies? Usually, lookalike audiences work well, this is where an excellent seed audience is utilized by Facebook to develop a larger audience of people that are the same seed audience.

However, there were sufficient emails from past customers to employ as a seed audience. These were brought in into Facebook from Mailchimp employing a synchronize tool so that the seed audience was automatically upgraded, to achieve this consider Qwaya, Social Ads Tool, AdStage, AdEspresso as data synchronize tool.

Audience study recommended women older 30+ would be the ideal suit, and by adding this using a lookalike audience of past customers there was a high-quality audience able to be utilized within a short time.

Keep the Customers Up-to-date

With activities changing so speedily throughout this COVID-19 crisis, customers may be puzzled by whether they will receive their order. Keep the customers up to date through social media channels, as well as went further by giving a variety of discounted products for anybody who had less budget to spend.


Within a month you can develop directly to consumer sales to a level to similar the sales revenue dropped from the wholesale sales channel.

Of course, the money needs to invest in ad spend, but alternatively, going to trade events to get wholesale orders also needs money and is a lot more time-consuming.

Some other top benefits also observed when running purchase ads:

  • A significant boost in web traffic
  • An outstanding boost in Facebook post impressions
  • Boost in Facebook page likes
  • An improvement in email subscribers

Key Facts

From day to day, unpredicted activities will happen that will affect your business, luckily most are less serious than COVID-19. For example, a competitor may surprisingly appear that has copied your top-selling product while lower pricing you on price.

Your business strategy may require to pivot within a few days, however, this will only tasks if you can quickly create audiences and drive traffic to your new product or service.

What do you think? Which Facebook ads strategies are you using to maintain your business safe during these serious times? Contact Facebook advertising agency for your Facebook ads strategy now.

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