How To Win With Your Family & Friends in an Escape Room

How To Win With Your Family & Friends in an Escape Room

Beating an escape room is easy. All you need is an airtight strategy to take the fun to the next level with your friends and family in an escape room.

Before you ask yourself what you're going to get in, you may like to ask yourself what you're going to get out of in escape rooms. Here at Lost Reality, we have three unique escape rooms for your birthday party that will test your friends and family. Our friends and  family escape rooms are a perfect way to enjoy your great day!

What makes Lost Reality distinct from each other? Escape game fans and experienced developers have engineered our escape rooms to test your problem-solving and give an enjoyable experience you won't forget. Immersive, gripping, and interactive—our escape rooms are a memorable day or night for the perfect birthday celebration for a great escape room experience.

Ever since it began, escape games have been up and down, becoming a common experience for friends and families to enjoy together. Lost Reality brings the joy and suspense of dream scenarios to everyday life, generating a puzzle that will challenge your critical thinking skills as you race against the clock. In time, will you crack our puzzles?

Choose the squad carefully.

The optimal number of players varies on the escape room you choose, even though you can enjoy it with more than that. Beyond that, note that being part of a team means you don't have to be a jack-of-all-trade to win. Work to find suitable candidates who think fast and creatively. Newer-generation escape games have a lot of abilities and endurance puzzles, so remember that too. If your friend loses his phone any time he picks it up, the chances of him keeping the mirror still for a minute might be pretty slim. 

But the same person might be the one with a sharp eye that can see the specifics you might forget. On that note, several rooms are constructed in parallel, implying that they have different paths of puzzles running simultaneously. But it's best to break up because you're going to want to have plenty of the right tools to handle the problems when they emerge.

Start with an optimistic outlook.

It makes such a difference! Don't be cocky, but be reasonable in yourself and hope to excel. Embrace the challenges. Don't get too upset if you get stuck with something for a few minutes, and you've got to use a hint. Be on good terms with your group, too. If you're playing with a few strangers, introduce yourself and get to know each other. You're both trying to work together on the same goal, so be polite, enthusiastic, and supportive.

Listen to the game master.

While we're on the subject of clues, if your game master has sent you a clue – concentrate on them. Your game master has eyes and ears within the room because they know what you need. Their task is to get you back on track to focus on the most critical puzzle possible at any given time to ensure that you have a great escape room experience. 

We're not going to advise you to concentrate on the fish tank in the corner if what you really ought to do is open the dynamite box in the opposite corner. It's such a mind-blowing sight to witness when a squad asks for a clue, gets a hint, then immediately loses it. The master of the game is not there to deceive or confuse you. You will listen to them as they talk.

Keep the approach coherent and committed.

Escape games can be emotionally demanding, and there's a real clue to give up in despair when you face a single dilemma for 10 minutes or so. Doubt creeps in, heads tend to hang, and thoughts of how you're going to fail and how you're never going to live up to the high hopes of your parents can begin to churn in your mind. Avoid it. Keep concentrated on the job at hand. You will finally find it out. 

If not, please inquire for help. Don't get too mixed up with yourself when you do something. Just move methodically to the next stage and go on. Most of the groups will finish the room in the last 5 minutes or end up running out of time when on the last move. The extra minute you've spent demonstrating to your colleagues how you've cracked a mystery will be beneficial in the home stretch.

Delegate tasks to everyone in your team.

The chances are that most of the party members can automatically play a position that they're good at when the timer begins. Some are dedicated searchers, some like working on physical puzzles, some like taking stock of objects and hints, and some slip into leadership positions where they tend to plan and handle. 

If a leader appears, usually someone with a history in the escape room, or you pick one, let them assign tasks to others so that you don't have more than one person at a time working on a clue. Also, players who don't seem to know what to do, maybe tasked with finding a clue or working on a particular puzzle, don't let them waste their future efforts by leaving them idle!

If you're going to dominate the escape room after a fancy meal, maybe wear a change of clothing. You don't want to skip a puzzle that forced you to sit on the ground when you couldn't picture a dry cleaning bill. Escape rooms are generally pretty tidy, so that's not a problem. But dress up for what you might find in the venue, like ladders or crawl spaces. Call now to start your escape room experience.

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