Meta Description for eCommerce

How To Write Meta Description to Drive Conversion and Traffic?

learn How To Write Meta Description to Drive Conversion and Traffic?


SEO or Sales. what should you focus on while writing a meta description for eCommerce?


As an eCommerce owner or a marketer, it is important to consider this question. And by the way, if you choose any ONE of them, you must read this article, as well as bookmark it right away.


By the end of this article, you will learn How to write a Meta Description for eCommerce and drive more traffic and conversion on your site.

Moreover, here is an overview of all the points we are going to discuss:

  • What is a meta description?
  • Why meta description is important?
  • How to write a meta description for eCommerce pages
  • Things to remember while writing your meta description

What is a Meta Description?

A meta description small description of 160 characters about a web page to tell people (and search engines) about the information they will be getting from the page if they click on it.

It is a small summary and is very crucial from an SEO and sales perspective. It is also helpful in getting a higher ranking, as well as making people open your site.

Why Meta Description is Important?

Let’s take two major perspectives, which tell us why meta description is important.


From an SEO perspective, meta description plays a crucial role in getting a higher ranking in search engine result pages (SERPs). You may also make a note to add the exact keyword that you are targeting in your meta description.

The crawlers of the search engine are more likely to rank you higher if you use the meta description to convey a summary about your page to help audiences learn about the page before clicking on it.


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Note that your meta description is not a piece of content, but a part of your copywriting efforts. The aim is to make people come to your site after they read your meta description.

The best meta description is the one that is for the human first and then the crawlers.

Moreover, the use of keywords in your meta description should be fluid and not just because it has to. Give some time and research to write a copy under 160 characters with the exact targeted keyword in it.

How To Write Meta Description for eCommerce Pages?

Writing Meta descriptions for eCommerce is something that you can’t take for grain. You have multiple pages, all catering to a specific audience with a specific goal.

Hence is a breakdown of how you can write meta descriptions for eCommerce pages which are the most crucial pages on your site.


Home Page

This is the most important page where your core audience will land. Moreover, remember that the chance is the people reading your homepage meta description have already heard about and hence have search for your brand keyword.

Use this insight to share how great your brand is. Also, note to use your brand name in the meta description sharing why one should make a purchase from your brand.

Remember the character limit is 160 characters. Use your brand name and build trust with your customer.


Product Page

Another crucial page/pages on your eCommerce are the Product page. Here, remember to follow your brand tone to make sure your audience knows it's you, just by reading the meta description for the eCommerce product page.

In addition, also remember that the aim here would be to build curiosity around your product, so using call-to-action like “Learn More”, “Check Out” etc.

Create suspense or use FOMO to make them click and learn about the product or the offer


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Things To Remember While Writing Your Meta Description

While the above two pages are the most important pages, here are some additional points that you must remember while writing meta descriptions for eCommerce.


  • We can’t stress it more but repeat. Keep your meta description under 160 characters.
  • Know your audience and what are their pain points. Use this insight to write effective copy for your meta description.
  • Follow the trial and error method. Have multiple meta descriptions, give each one a try, and depending on the result use the best meta description for your eCommerce.
  • Try momentum meta description. These are the description which you can update as per the offers you are running on your site during that moment of time.


Wrapping Up

In this article of How to write a meta description for eCommerce, we have shared the best practice that you can follow. We would also like to add that your audience research would be equally important in writing an effective description.

Hence we would highly suggest you read How to Determine eCommerce Target Market & Target Audience. Also, do comment down below your home page meta description and we will help you improve it.

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