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Top 5 Things that Create "Perfect" Meta Descriptions

As you search for anything on the web, there are hundreds of web pages that would pop out. All of them differ in their content, explanations, and approaches. But what remains common of them is the small piece of text you can see on the web page behind every title. These are called Meta descriptions.

Meta descriptions are an essential for every SEO. People often underestimate the power of meta descriptions. But they are highly effective in driving traffic to your website. There are a few points that can get you a very good meta description for your site. It is important to devote some of your time and focus on creating a good meta description for your website.

This article will take you through 5 things that can help you create perfect meta descriptions.

5 Things That Make a Perfect Meta Description

  1. Forget About the Word Count

All meta descriptions have a word limit of 160 words. Usually, it is advisable to stick to the word limit. But it does not mean that you forget to express your ideas about the website. You are free to exceed a little bit from the word limit, but please don’t overdo it. Incomplete meta descriptions followed by … look very unprofessional. 

But do not limit your ideas or frame your ideas based on the word limit that you have been provided. Although most SEO specialists advise using a maximum of 160 words for meta descriptions, Google has however set the upper limit to 300 words.

  1. Duplication is a Big No-No.

The biggest mistake one can commit while writing meta descriptions is that they copy a part of their article in the meta description or duplicate the meta description from another site. Google, or any search engine does not support duplicity.

Meta descriptions should be unique and should give the viewers an idea about your services. One should frame a meta description with a lot of care. They also help you attain better SEO and rankings for your website.

  1. Add Your Keywords to the Meta Description

Keywords are very important in any web content. Your meta description must carry your keyword for the article. The advantage of this is whenever someone searches for the keyword on the search engine, your page is likely to appear in the top results of the search engine. This is the extent to which keywords in a meta description matter.

  1. Structure Your Data in the Meta Description

An organized form of data representation always attracts the audiences. If there are ratings or customer ratings for your website, then make it a point to add these details to your meta description. You could also use your brand logo in the meta description section that will appear beside the meta description text and title of the article. These things can get a bit tricky and require some time to be completed. But once done, they add more value to your website. 

  1. Make Sure to Compose Interesting Meta Descriptions

People often commit the mistake of composing monotonous and boring meta descriptions. The text used is too bland and says nothing about the brand. This is a very wrong approach. Always make it a point to have an interactive and interesting tone. Include a call-to-action tone in your meta description. It attracts more users. Also, play with a few words, try and create interest and trust in the minds of the people. Increase the curiosity of your customers. They will be intrigued to click on your website link.

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