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How Vedic Astrology changed my Life Completely

A bunch of people who don’t believe in the movements of stars and their influence on our lives will always ask a question and that is- why you need to get your birth chart read?

I came to acknowledge that I am a Gemini from the book known “Astrology for the Soul” by Jan Spiller. I possess this book since then I was a teenager. The book shed a light on my personality and I know that I am adaptable, outgoing and intelligent. I also realized that I am unreliable and impulsive at times. With this discovery as a young girl; I started identifying with my zodiac more. With each passing year; today I almost relate with my sign. I was a young teenager and seldom go to astrology for guidance. But I took shelter in Indian Vedic Astrology since I turned an adult and went through very hard times.


With my experience with astrology; it is more of a scientific way rather than imaginary. My life predictions were enfolding in front of me. You get to know the interrelation of humans and the cosmos when you start studying about stars, planets and the effect of their movements on our life. Zodiac signs reveal why people behave in a certain way. Learning about Jupiter Transit 2021 showed me how Jupiter the ‘Supreme Teacher’ is so influential in deciding our wealth accumulation and prosperity.


After discovering how wonderful it is to know about astrology and its predictions, I started believing firmly in it. Our date, time and place of birth are crucial in deciding our prospects. It is all there in our birth chart. The birth chart will let you know the position and movements of all the stars and planets at the time of your birth. These elements make ‘You’. They will tell you who you exactly are and what things make you. With this, you can know who is an Aries. You also can be an Aries. But the individual charts will tell you the difference between you and your fellow Arian.  The placement of signs in your chart reveals more about you.


The Horoscope prediction foretells what is going to occur for you. Gaining from reading about signs will tell you about yourself but if anything is happening which is beyond your control; contact an expert in Vedic Astrology chiefly an astrologer to make things easy for you. He will not only guide you correctly but will also tell you about your future in detail. You can hence, take the maximum benefit of the favorable time.



Job or Business - Vedic Astrology free predictions


I was at that point in life where my career was good but something was missing. I always wanted to be an entrepreneur and tried my hands on it but I failed twice. I almost decided to forget the plan but when I showed my birth chart; the astrologer told me the malefic placements of some particular planets that were hindering me to do that. He did tell me that I will be successful in my venture and the favorable time for that. Not only this; I was suggested to wear a White Sapphire for the ultimate success in business or job.

Chart reading is life-changing. So you see, we all dream to fetch the best job or to run a successful business. Astrology can really help you a lot.



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I will tell you the secret of how I choose the best Indian Astrology online. Sitting in the United States of America and with no idea; I googled the best Vedic Astrology sites. After research, one site grabbed my attention. It was one of the oldest and most authentic sites. I could ever find. This site is the best among the lot.

 I scheduled the online consultation with the astrologer and he got all the details for my chart in an advance. The astrologer described everything about my personality and even gave me the solutions to handle the not so good things about my chart.

We discussed what does my birth chart say, the weak and the strong parts and also the areas where I can take the maximum benefit. We also discussed the probable chances of getting my life partner and the time to start my business. The astrologer told me about how my upcoming 5 years will look like. I was really delighted and happy when we hung the call. Everything that he said was true about me. He advised me in so many areas. With the guidance and timely consultation; I can proudly say that I am successful in my life. I remain in touch with them and still take their advice when there is something important.


Astrology is the gift to mankind from the almighty.



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