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How Work At Home Solutions Help Manage Virtual Teams

Working from home for a considerable period is a distinctive break from convention. Many companies have also decided to continue with the same even after things get back to normal.

Organizations and governing authorities worldwide are left with no option but to be more flexible when it comes to working conditions, which also includes working from home. Since the pandemic outbreak, more than 50 percent of every office employee has been pushed to work from home. It has many advantages for some industries; everything can be very well managed from home, right from campaigns, meetings, day-to-day operations, and follow-ups. But for many sectors, this is not a feasible option unless they rely on work at home solutions from an inbound and outbound call center.

Let's take a look at how virtual teams are best managed with work from home solutions.

How to solve challenges faced by remote operations?

Today, most of the workforce is logging in from home due to the current situation. This has made organizations think about meeting compliance and alleviate risks of sensitive data breaching. Home networks are not as strong as corporate VPN networks. Thus, they are prone to cyber-attack. Cloud technologies and web-based systems are saviors for remote operations. They are secure and can be implemented quickly, give authorized access and a centralized system keeps everything in order.

Virtual order-taking service for eCommerce

Order taking is a service that includes stages when a customer requests an order, enquires about it, places the order, and receives it. From customer inquiry to final delivery, order processing is outsourced to eCommerce call center by most eCommerce companies because it is a process that requires considerable resources, time, and money. It includes answering calls or responding to chats, taking orders, filling in the necessary info to get the order placed, maintaining a record in the system, sending it to the inventory management team for processing, and keeping customers updated about the delivery status through outbound call center services.   

It is a complex and lengthy process, requires sorted communication, analytical skills, and excellent knowledge, and customer management skills.

Arrear collection in the utility sector

If utility and energy companies can reshape their credit and collection, they could position themselves well during the time of a downturn. There are benefits of hiring a utility call center as well, like improving customer service and loyalty. Despite various measures, the likelihood of delinquency and bad debt cases in the utility sector will continue to increase. Such uncertainties arise from global blows like Brexit, possible recession due to pandemics, and cutthroat trade wars. The globalization of services and intensifying pressure to improve customer service has led many utility companies to outsource to the outbound call center!  

At the same time, liberalization and intensifying competition in many markets are resulting in higher levels of switching among customers, sometimes accompanied by bad debt when final bills go unpaid.

Using our cloud-based contact center technology platform, our bilingual agents use an outbound predictive dialing solution to increase call volume and productivity with the goal of maximizing recovered revenue.

Managing a virtual team in telecommunication companies

The months of lockdown and social distancing norms have certainly changed the way companies have worked in the past and will also change the way businesses function from now on. Working from home for a considerable period is a distinctive break from convention. Many companies have also decided to continue with the same even after things get back to normal. Work at home solutions has made it easier for companies to continue operation and establish new processes and IT support like telecommunication call center that comply with legal acts and regulations.

The virtual teams will require more nurturing, together with a better explanation of roles and job specifications.




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