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How Your Financial Status can Elevate Your Standing in a Relationship?

Money has become a formidable force that keeps dictating every move that we make in our lives.

Humans are often referred to as social animals. Have you ever wondered why?

Is it because we give our best when we know we are loved by people close to us?

Is it because isolation can bring out the worst in us?

Or is it because we rely too much on other people, so being alone is not an option?

I think the answer to all of these questions would be an affirmative.

Have you ever seem lions in the wild? They are always in a herd. A lion would hardly ever be found alone.

The same way, humans are not meant to be alone. We do not thrive like that. Of course, some people crave isolation more than anything else, but their percentage is deficient, and they still have to rely on other people to help them in life.

Even taking the help of a supermarket attendant to guide you in finding what you are looking for is human contact and a kind of relationship, despite being a concise one.

Delving into relationships, there are many in our lives. 

From being children to having children;
From being siblings to having nieces and nephews;
From being colleagues to being friends;
From being friends to becoming family;

Our relationship status keeps on evolving, much more than our financial situation.

Amongst all of these, there is one relationship that is the most important, and that is the one with our partners, our girlfriends and boyfriends, our spouses or shall I go the philosophical route and say our soul mates?

Whatever name you give it, its importance is not going to wane. This is a person whom we show our real selves to. We can be as nerdy and as foolish as we want with this person. They see a side of us that nobody else, not even our parents, has seen.

Till death do us apart is not just something we say lightly, but it is the most precious promise a man and wife pledge to.

So, the question is, can a relationship that is so meaningful that it can last till a person’s dying breath be dependent on something as frivolous as money?

The answer is yes, it can. Let us find out how.

Money in the Equation of Love

All of us know that money has taken place in our lives, almost as equal as happiness. So, it is also bound to be an essential aspect of our love life.

If you have got the money, you can easily translate your feelings using it.

Let us take an example into account,

Buying your girlfriend the biggest diamond for an engagement ring will make the probability of her saying yes and agreeing to marry you slightly higher than giving her a small-ish diamond.
After all, diamonds are told to be a girl’s best friend, and best friends often persuade our decisions, don’t they?

My point here is that the financial status you have will intensify the feelings of love your partner has for you. I know this sounds fickle, but it is true.

Being able to fulfill  your partner’s every need and desire;
Being able to take him or her to elite restaurants at least once a week to try out their 10-course degustation is not worth the thousand-pound bill;
Or being able to take your partner away from the monotony of life and land them in a different nation;

All of these are ways to keep the passion and love you and your partner have for each other alive and ignited. And you can only do this, if you have the financial means for it.

Taking loans for unemployed with bad credit and no guarantor to plan a Euro-trip is not going to benefit you; neither will it do justice to the purpose the loan was devised for.

Money Gaining Respect 

Have you ever noticed that the people who have more money also mandate more respect? Look at the Royal Family, for instance. They are the well-regarded family in the world, and they do have the bank balance between demanding the same.

The same is true for your relationship.

A few years into the partnership, both of you will have grown your bond, your understanding and even grown yourselves as a person; and that is immensely respectable. If you do not grow in your finances, then it is going to put a strain on your relationship.

Growth is more important than any relationship, I know this is going to make some of you shake your heads, but it is true.

Relationships have ended because one partner has turned his life a 180° for the better, while the other is still the same. A reason for this is because the more successful one has lost respect for his partner. When he or she was working day in and day out to succeed, if the other was not doing even the tiniest of efforts to improve himself, the relationship’s balance becomes off.

A relationship is a union that needs an equal amount of devotion from both the partners. If one partner has taken a loan, say from AOne Credit ,for the benefit of both partners, then the repayment is also the responsibility of both.

And that is how mutual respect stays intact in a partnership.

The Bottom Line

Your financial status can make or break your relationship. It is a fact that nobody can deny. However, the thing to remember here is that whatever I talked about in the paragraphs above is not just applicable to you.

You are not held responsible always to spend your income on your partner; both of you have to equally contribute to the financial pleasures that you let the other enjoy. Only then, can a relationship become meaningful, and it is the only way both of you will elevate your standing in your union.

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