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Here We Discussed prerequisites before iMac repair in Dubai and also How to disassemble an iMac computer with details of access the RAM of an iMac computer.

Repairing an iMac is not an easy task, due to the difficulty that one may have in determining the exact model concerned. Indeed, for the same model, computers sometimes have a different configuration. The identification system is then necessary for troubleshooting iMac. As with MacBook repair, an iMac can be identified by its serial number.

What is the iMac computer model?

The iMac is a desktop computer designed by the company Apple. At first, customers were entitled to bulky models. They had a CRT screen. The iMac computers are devices with an integrated display with housing. A significant improvement was noted during the year 2004. Frequent updates gave birth in August 2004 to the G5 model. It has other expansions and new processors. However, malfunctions and breakdowns sometimes occur and require iMac repair.

The iMac troubleshooting must be the work of a repairman Imac confirmed and experienced. He must have a good knowledge of the causes of frequent breakdowns and tips that can allow an iMac repair as soon as possible. Users of this computer are often faced with the inability to turn on their devices. Problems related to overheating, maintenance or faulty parts are taken care of during iMac troubleshooting.

 The repair service performs a fault diagnosis. An estimate is given to the customer of an Imac for an Apple repair . The repair involves replacing the faulty parts and verifying the various performances of the device. After  Apple troubleshooting , the computer is returned to perfect working order. Such a service makes the computer fairly close to a new device. This certainly requires prerequisites before repairing iMac.

The prerequisite before iMac repair in Dubai 

For any MacBook and iMac repair, it is advisable to protect the information to save more time. The first step before sending the device for iMac troubleshooting is to make a backup when possible. This is an important step before any apple troubleshooting. One of the most effective backup methods for such a task is the Time Machine. The iMac repair must then be organized. Then, just contact UAE Technician for an iMac repair in Dubai. It is possible to go through an Apple Store but the closest ones are in Nice or Aix en Provence. It is important to collect information such as the Apple ID password as well as some piece of ID. The macOS user account name and password are required to connect the Mac to the service center. The password for an internal program is to be deactivated to facilitate the repair of iMac. The accessories of the device such as the power cable are to be kept for apple troubleshooting.

How to disassemble an iMac computer?

IMacs are all-in-one computers. They have a reputation for being difficult to open. However, for some older models, the interior is not that difficult to access. Just follow the guide and be a little careful. It should be noted that opening an Apple device without a license terminates the manufacturer's warranty. Before carrying out any intervention, it is important to discharge any static electricity. You can take an anti-static bracelet. The power supply must also be disconnected. The iMac sits on a flat surface. It is necessary to wait fifteen minutes before dismantling the machine. The goal is to allow the power supply to fully discharge.

A suction cup is placed on the upper left corner of the screen and a second on the other corner. We then pull on the 2 suction cups. This method is only valid on older models because the glass is held in place with magnets. On the most recent models, the glass is glued to the frame. After removal from the device, it should be stored in a safe place to avoid dust and scratches.

 We gently pull the sync cable that holds the motherboard. It is recommended not to touch the power supply as a precaution. The backlight cable and the LVDS video cable must be disconnected. The first task, in this case, is to pinch the 2 side levers. We then gently pull upwards due to the fragility of these cables. The connector of the temperature probe is disconnected for easier removal of the screen. It must be stored in a safe place to avoid dust.

How to replace the hard drive of an Apple iMac?

iMac like other Apple hardware has a reputation for being painstakingly repairable. It is for this reason that it is recommended to contact an Apple specialist computer repairer... However, you can replace the hard drive yourself to increase the storage capacity. It is a delicate operation that requires a lot of care. The first task is to locate the exact location of the hard drive and, above all, locate the thermal probe. 

The hard drive's thermal probe is in principle to take off. We undo the hard drive cables to get it out of its location. It is obviously replaced by a latest-generation model such as an SSD hard drive which is recommended by the manufacturer. The elements removed from the system are reassembled in reverse order from disassembly. We raise the window and the screen to the last position.

How to access the RAM of an iMac computer?

Some users want to upgrade the memory of an iMac. Increasing the memory on an Imac is even more difficult than changing the hard drive because you have to disassemble the motherboard. Certain precautions are necessary. It is imperative to disconnect all cables from the computer and especially the power cable. The ignition button is pressed for around 10 seconds to empty the capacitors of all the stored electricity. A waiting time of 10 minutes is necessary before dismantling the device.

Do not touch the exposed soldiers and capacitors. The cards are to be grabbed by the edges. The device is to be turned over so that the screen side faces the table. The 2 suction cups are to be placed on each side of the screen. Care must be taken to position them in parallel. We maintain slight support and then we lock the handles of the suction cups. 

For better adhesion at the suction cups, it is suggested to clean the surface of the glass well with a cleaning gel for screens. After removing the glass and the left speaker, you have access to the interior of the computer. Repairing iMac also involves maintenance. You can clean the processor with a small brush.

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