Impact of COVID-19 on Taxi Services

Impact of COVID-19 on Taxi Services

There is hardly any sector left that is left untouched by the impact of recent Pandemic situation. Transportation and especially the cab and taxi services have been affected a lot since previous year.

There is hardly any sector left that is left untouched by the impact of recent Pandemic situation. Transportation and especially the cab and taxi services have been affected a lot since previous year. The second phase of Corona virus has been much dominant and has compelled people to use their personal vehicles on a priority basis. Prior to this, the taxi services has undergone a serious downturn due to restricted movements and lockdowns where millions of taxi drivers lost their livelihood throughout the globe. The global taxi market is still facing a major challenge as there seems to be no way out for this pandemic to end. This segment will discuss some major consequences of pandemic on the global taxi market and what efforts it is proposed to make to deal with this situation.

Key Market Trends

Despite severe disruptions in the past one year, the global taxi market still hopes to resurge as there is an increasing demand for cab services in some most emerging and developing economies like India, China, Indonesia, and Vietnam. According to a forecast made by industry experts, the taxi market is currently valued at nearly USD 160 billion in 2020 and will reach USD 327 billion till 2026. The reason being an increasing demand in some most developing economies and awareness among people regarding their comfort and instant services offered by cabs. Niagara taxi service is a prominent taxi service that has struggled a lot in the previous year but estimates a fair growth in the coming months. The industry is preparing itself hard to diversify its segments in terms of booking types, vehicle types, service types, and geographically as well to restore its maximum strength to attract maximum customers.

Initiatives by the Governments

Many governments throughout the world are making enormous efforts in improving the present situation of the taxi industry. Tax rebates and financial packages have been launched at a successful level by governments of various economies to allow this sector to resurge rapidly. The governments are using their contingency funds effectively to offer financial aids in emergency pandemic response. Moreover, the role of technology will also be a crucial factor in deciding the upcoming growth of this industry in offering reliable transport solutions.

Initiatives by the Taxi Service Companies

The taxi service companies are also making their best efforts to provide every possible help to their driver community. The role of government here is also a crucial factor to decide the level of success in their attempts as they are already facing a serious financial crisis from last one year. The companies are providing proper information regarding the current situation to their staffs and offering the leaflets of do’s and don’ts in this pandemic. Niagara Falls Cab Company has asked its drivers and other staffs to properly sanitize their vehicles and put masks regularly. The cashless payments are also been encouraged through their mobile apps to make payments absolute secure and hygienic.

Lending a Helping Hand

Some reputed cab services like Bolt, Lyft and ZoomZoom are lending a helping hand in offering their services in emergency services during this pandemic situations and to ease the burden of ambulances. The companies are asking for necessary directives by the governments on how they can be helpful during this Corona Virus outbreak. Niagara falls Canada taxi has requested the government to issue a directive for their role in offering medical aids to emergency patients.

The Emerging market of Asia Pacific

The taxi market is on a rise in the South-Asian countries where companies like DIDI Chuxing, OLA are using smartphone penetration rate efficiently to make its best use for themselves. These South-Asian giants have significantly aced their performance in local geographies and are expanding in overseas also. While there are some other cab services in western regions like ZoomZoom Canada which has shown a positive sign in recent years to offer affordable traveling rates and expand its services all across the Canadian provinces.

Competitive Landscape

The good thing is that with the number of increasing cab services throughout the globe, there has been a major shift towards offering reliable travel solutions. The market share of some emerging cab services like ZoomZoom and some others has shown a positive sign towards development. Moreover, after facing such downturn, most of the taxi services will come out with their best technology and serviceability to regain their lost momentum. The major players in the market are already busy in investing a lot of money in technology to enhance their customer’s experience.

The endeavors made by the taxi companies throughout the globe will definitely bring up an era where service will be paid due importance along with offering excellent facilities to mark a difference in this cutting edge competitive scenario. Learning a crucial lesson from this pandemic, the cab service companies will prepare themselves to deal every possible hurdle in the coming time.

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