Photo Editing for Social Media Marketing

Importance of Photo Editing for Social Media Marketing

know the Importance of Photo Editing for Social Media Marketing


Over the years, Social media marketing has been a source of loyal customers for eCommerce and other online services. But with the building competition, the need for photo editing has gone up drastically.

Just a simple question. How can you make your post stand out when almost 350 million posts are posted on Facebook itself?

Image editing tools for social media marketing allows you to come out with a creative and distinctive identity. Moreover, let us learn the importance of image editing for Social media marketing, by breaking it down into a few simple questions.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is a term that is used to explain the promotion of a product or service on a social media platform. It is a popular method through which brands and businesses can easily target their potential customer, engage with them, build awareness about them and their product, and ultimately grow their sales.

Why are images so important to social media?

Most of the social media platforms are visual media-centric, which means not only do they allow you to post images, but they also prefer your posts/advertisement with images or videos. While the cost of video production is not always affordable, images work as the best medium to communicate our messages.

On the customer’s end, images are simple to interpret, easier to remember, and if you are using photo editing in the right manner, it is also eye-catchy and convincing at the same time.

Advantages of Photo Editing for Social Media Marketing

If you are running a business online or offline, using image editing tools for social media marketing can do wonders for you. But before learning about the best tools, here are a few benefits of using photo editing for Social Media Marketing.

Brand Building

In order to make your brand stand out and create its own identity, you need your posts and images to differ from other posts. Image editing allows you to build your own brand identity by manipulating the images in your preferred manner.

You can have your own distinctive color tonality, you can add your image capturing style, border, logo, watermark, or anything that can make your image look branded on its own.

Better engagement

In order to make sure that your eCommerce is sustainable and your social media marketing campaign successful, you need to make sure that your posts are engaging. Photo editing for social media marketing allows you to showcase the image in its best possible manner that represents your brand and generates engagement as well.

Builds Credibility

Unlike your competitors, if your social media marketing is using image editing in order to build engagement with the audience, you also gain trust within them. This trust is further reflected in making a purchase and choosing your eCommerce over your competitors. This ultimately gains you credibility and hence increases your sales.

Multi-platform customization

Image editing tools allow you to use a single image on multiple platforms with minimum effort without losing any important details of the subject or the product in the image. Not only does it streamline your brand messaging, but allows you to capture various audiences from different social platforms at the same time.

Best Image editing tools for Social Media

1. Lightroom

Available on Android & iOS

Price: Free and a premium upgrade costing $9.99/month

Lightroom is one of the best photo editing tools for your social media marketing, which is available for both operating systems. You get pro-level image editing controls along with the option to create your own preset of the setting you choose.

In addition, the image is first uploaded to Lightroom where you can edit it easily, hence your original image stays safe, and you can continue editing from the point you left without a need to restart the whole process.

If you are looking forward to creating a common theme, Lightroom can be one of the best photo editing tools that can help you with social media marketing.


2. Snapseed

Available on: Android & iOS

Price: Free

Snapseed is a photo editing tool developed by Google that comes with almost every image manipulation tool that you would ever need. Be it double exposure, healing tool, presets, selective coloring, and more.

The only drawback is it does not allow you to create a collage, for which you can use another app. But if you are looking to edit your images professionally in the easiest manner, Snapseed is the best photo editing tool for social media.


3. Canva

Available on: Android & iOS

Price: Mostly free with in-app purchase and upgrade options

When it comes to photo editing for social media marketing, Canava has been the choice of marketers all over the world. The reason being the simplistic, drag-and-drop features that allow you to create perfectly branded content and allows you to edit your image, and also create your posts from scratch.

Canva keeps on new adding features, tools, and other important editing functions to hello you deliver the best. Most of the features are free, hence making it among the best tools for your social media.

4. Adobe Photoshop Express

Available on: Android & iOS

Price: Free and a premium upgrade costing $1.99/month

One of the main reasons to add the Adobe Photoshop express to the following list is its amazing tool to remove objects as well as people from the frame, play with color and effects, and create a multi-layered design.


5. Picsart

Available on: Android & iOS

Price: Free along with available upgrade options

Picsart is among the most recognizable names in photo editing tools for social media marketing. It comes with various tools that can be used to manipulate your image in your desired manner. Nonetheless, if you are feeling inspired, you can go through the Picsart gallery and get ideas for your own editing requirement.

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